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Favorite Drink

All I know of fat tire is that it smells like crap. My sisters boyfriend drinks it... One day he had me smell it, and said it tastes like it smells... I didn't even want to taste it.
Well, in the case of beer, it has to be either Cools Light, or Budweiser <3 soft drinks it has to be either Apple Juice or Coca Cola, which-ever's in!
Carling - All about that stuff, don't see it out of england though
Carsberg - Similar but more meh
Fosters - Nice hmm but not as nice

Vodka - Smirnoff or Absolut, Both do the trick

Im easily pleased
Probably the best beer Ive ever had was Dogfish Head Red & White but its extremely expensive so Ive only ever gotten it once. If I had to say my favorite beer that I drink often it would be Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat. Its a nice, smooth sweet tasting beer.

As for liquor I dont really have a specific kind that is my favorite. I dont often drink it straight or take shots. I dont really drink alcohol just to get drunk so I want something Ill enjoy the taste of. My favorite cocktail is a Bloody Mary so vodka, I guess...?
I've got rather ordinary taste: Mountain Dew, Passion Fruit Red Tea (from Cupwalker) and Mineshine Milk Tea.

I really want to try the bottles of XO Champagne that are lying around in my house, though. :D
If It's a softdrink...

Cherry Coke is to die for.

I get free soda at my work though... as much as you want of whatever you want... Coke or Pepsi products... so they're all delicious I think.
Kronenbourg or Corona are probably my favorite lagers. My favourite spirit has got to be Jagermeister or Amaretto, but I usually just get vodka due to the price of the others.

Soda wise, Pepsi Max.
Beers = Heineken
Drinks = SouthernComfort/Rum & Coke

I like to keep it simple :)

My sister's into Coors Lite. I can't stand that thing. It tastes like water.
Depends on the situation.

If I care about taste, I'll make (or buy) a Tom Collins or a Turkey & 7, maybe a Red Bull & Vodka.
If I'm just trying to get drunk, it's whatever's cheap if I'm at a bar, or a couple of Steel Reserve 211 Black Labels if I'm not ... 8%BV malt liquor ... $1.59 for a 24oz can.
If I want a lot of beer for cheap I'll buy a Heineken mini-keg for $20.00.
If I want good dark beer I'll scour the city for Spaten Optimator.
If I'm feeling vodka it's Svedka or Stoli. Rum is Captain Morgan, and always mixed with Coke. If I'm in Lafayette, it's the pitchers of Amber Bock we get for $5, and if I'm in Atlanta it's let's mix Everclear with anything, hop on the subway, and try to remember where we went the next morning.
Depends on the Rum, Light or dark? I can tolerate Light Rum but dark rum is just vile. Try Dark Rum with Blackcurrent - that's all my mum drinks.