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Fast Online Storage

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Could anyone please let me know of a fast and reliable online file storage site. It should be free and must support a min. of 10mb

I have used a number of these and x-drive is by far the best.
They have an integration program which lets you use it from windows explorer or any other application.

I like netdrive.com a lot. It integrates into windows, not just the explorer. And the netdrive really becomes a part of your system. So you could even save your word docs for example directly into your drive. Also you can access your space through a wap phone, well I don't have one but if you have it can be useful.
myspace.com is still my choice. 300 megs if you fill out a survey, and it creates a folder like the 'My Documents' folder on your HD that you can use to upload files by dragging and dropping.
Originally posted by ashben
Could anyone please let me know of a fast and reliable online file storage site. It should be free and must support a min. of 10mb


Driveway.com is very fast and reliable, but they only give you 25megs.
Hmm let's see.
Freedrive-50Mb. Pretty good, pretty fast.
Driveway-25Mb. Pretty good, very fast.
Myspace-300Mb. Fairly good, fast upload, downloads have problems.
Juston-50Mb. They delete files.
Netdrive-100Mb. Has deleted on times, but your files usually stay on, very fast
Idrive-50Mb. Nope, i get 400bytes/sec downloads (DSL)

that's about the only ones i've tried... Dunno bout xdrive, but i've heard a couple complaints...

Hope i helped any
I use X-Drive and find it to be pretty good, though I've only been using it for about a week now. I only have dial-up, so it's not that fast. I've heard that if you have DSL it's as fast as a regular HD...
I like netdrive.com :) Thanks to them I now have an N:/ drive an a G:/ drive. :) They are very quick for a free storage (I have DSL), and the integration within My Compter is very good. And once you get used to it, you can pretty easily ignore the ads when you are in your new drive.

X- drive can be a bit buggy across a dialup connection.
I use it on a 1MB/s leased line and it is as fast as the remote drive on my network server.

Just to give another oppinion...

X-drive is the way to go. A lot of the other limit their down bandwidth, so although uploads are fast, downloads are usually capped at 5-7k. I've got considerably faster (40k-70k) off X-drive before and they seem to have all their scripts in order. A lot of the other sites have messed up scripts that make storing files a real pain. (I am one of those people who do not install windows enhancements). Anyway, thats my 2 cents...
I tried a few based on your recommendations and what worked best for me is Yahoo! Briefcase. Stable, decent speed and easy to use!

Thanks for you feedback guys!
Isn't irony sweet!

HAHA...I find it hilarious that after all those suggestions, you go with something that wasn't recommended...

Thats totally cool and thanks for the info on a new space provider :) ...
There's this one I have used for few months (it's not on this sites list btw) and it's working fine.


100 megs of space (+email of course, etc.)

Hmm...this is a bit dumb question but does someone provide storage space with FTP? (Advertising by email for example...)

And Yahoo! is now 25 megs (10 on the list)

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I like this online storage service. Try it, they have free trail.

It is really fast and reliable as it does an incremental backup which will reduce your bandwidth and time by transferring only portions of file that have been modified/ changed.
I would suggest trying filefront.com, they seem to have great service and your files stays there forever.
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