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Easy CMS


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Any easy CMS out there? I tried Joomla and Drupal, both are very difficult and confusing... Especially Joomla... it sux.

I actually kind of like WordPress, any others?
well, the re-write and re-launch of iBright CMS is coming very soon. im about 80% done with the re-write, so, keep your eyes open here and you will see me post when it is available. you can see it in action right now at http://www.dynamicpagesolutions.com/ but, i am not posing any info for a demo account just yet. there will be a demo one on the ibrightdev site once i finish the re-write so you will be able to play with it and see how easy it is to use. there will also be plugins that are being created by me, and whoever else wants. plugins are very simple to create, so, i am sure plenty of people will develop them. the admin section is very similar to wordpress, and is for a reason. :D

info and screen shots here...

the screen shots are a couple weeks old, and not showing all the sections built in since i have added a lot more since i took those, but, not doing again. :p
I personally am fond of Wordpress. It's pretty easy to use and if you know PHP then it's really easy to customize. Even if you don't know PHP they have a crap load of documentations that you can look up if for nothing else then copy and pasting. :D I love Wordpress. Plus, they have so many themes (Free and premium) not to mention the capability of their plug-ins. Perfect for me considering I don't know much about PHP coding.
Really there is masses of differenr cms out there, ranging from Joomla to lil'cms

Unless you can give some more idea of what you require, the best thing to do is go to opensourcecms.com and test our all the demos.

Check out the lightweight ones as well, there is some stunning ones in there
WP - you just can't go wrong with WP. A lot of custom widgets out there and open-source, try WP before you try others :evilb:
I prefer WP myself if I were held at gunpoint and had to choose an CMS. Ideally though, I prefer to build from the ground up because you really do need that level of customization once you're developing serious sites. I've tricked out WP themes to before, but it's almost easier to do it from scratch.