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Design stealing/duplication

@JackRT, yeah, if there is something you think is not possible, refer to your friend google. chances are, someone already thought of what you are wondering and someone has probably made something to do it. sucks in some ways, but, doesnt in others. i for instance made a flash music player years ago, lost the creation files and was able to decompile the one on the web and make changes and put it back up. it was not easy to accomplish, but, it was quicker and easier than re-creating something i had already made. these tools are great in situations like that, but, the same tool can be used to rip your entire site. it may not have been intended for that use, but, it can, will, and has been done.
yeah it is great problem for all of us. To reduce copying, I prefer using a lots of graphical elements. They can't simply change them and I can be a bit safer. But it is not a remedy and has lots of drawbacks.
i would say the best way to protect your website's design and contents is by placing a DMCA badge in your website via dmca.com.
at least when you found someone is stealing your contents/design, you can bring them down easily.
Anybody can file a DMCA report for pretty much anything. Those idiots will blindly forward the request to the datacenter that houses the content in question without even verifying the validity of the claim.