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Dedicated server with some ips

I need a dedicated server for one of my clients, of which it should have a total of 4096 ips in total. i have justification. if someone could help me out with this please let me know. so that i can hand more info of what and why he needs this amount.
I'm not sure if any of my datacenters, or even ones I know will offer that many IPs. There are limits, and that's well past the number of IPs someone can hold to a single server.
Yes that right,why do you need so many ips??

We could work out a deal,but you would need more than 1 server to run that many ips.

And do you need dedicated ips,or shared ips,as it will cost you$$$

you can contact us at hosthop4.com
We can also provide you ip addresses but we'll need VERY* strong justification. contact us at sales[at]regencyhost[dot]com
even request for 255 IPs is seems doubtful.
now requesting for 4k+ IPs for 1 dedicated server....

unless u r requesting for a whole rack, or else it is hard for us to be dare to quote u an offer...
Well , he's placed at over 4 years on this forum , I don't think spammers would last that long .

@daylightnetworks , if you have an appropriate justification , I can certainly provide you what you need . I'll just be a pm away .

Best Regards,
Aloy Casmir
You will need more than 1 dedicated server and a very strong justification to get this amount of IP addresses ..

Regards ..
You will need more than 1 dedicated server and a very strong justification to get this amount of IP addresses ..

Regards ..

You don't need more than 1 server. A datacenter just limits the number of IPs per server. Why? Because there are only a limited supply.
OP just wants to be the reason we're out of IPv4 space.

IMHO, that IS impossible to provision to a single server running *nix or Windows. Socket limits, routing limits, and I don't even know how high most *nixes will let you go in virtual interfaces, it'd be an hour to boot if all of them started on startup, and a mess to manage on RHEL, which usually uses an individual file for every interface. I've seen someone talk about interface range files on RHEL distros, but none of them work. I had an insane time managing 15 interface files, this is simply excessive.
I have a feeling it might be a file share aka Pirate.
Using it to scramble Ip adresses so they can't track the package.
so to speak. this is just a concept. soo i just know its a possibility.

but, no living person needs that much ips unless your a ISP.
Thanks for listening.

4000 ips will cost you a brick of gold. seriously, ip's aren't cheap.

my last host offered like 2-5 dollars per/per month additional ip.
2x 4000 = 8000 USD per month
5x 4000 = 20,000 USD per month

your client better be bill gates. or willing to sell his car and open up a loan.