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.com versus .net


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There may be another post like this, though I couldn't find one so here is this.

I have a bit of a problem, deciding whether to get a .com or a .net

A .com is known by everyone, including computer illiterate persons (because of it's popularity), however I think .net looks and works better.

I was going to register enchantedrain.net, though have changed my mind and now want a simple domain made of two four letter words. However, xxxxxxxx.net or xxxxxxxx.com is a hard choice.

What are your thoughts? Should I just go for the .net, or should I go for the well-known .com?


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Well, if you're going to have a simple site, .com is fine. However, if you're going to have a great big complex site with multiple links to others etc, .net is just that...a network of sites.

I wouldn't buy a lame 3-4 letter and number domain that nobody will remember...I'd rather have something I could put on a t-shirt or something.

Btw...Search engines cant read thisismysite.com to give extra ranking points but can distinguish this-is-my-site.com

Enchantedrain looks like enchanted drain....heh

Try enchanted-rain.com or .net :classic2:


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That's what I thought about enchantedrain aswell.

However, this new domain has no numbers, an adjective/abstract noun and a noun. You can see the two words by looking at them aswell, it sort of looks like "deeplist" (though of course is not)

Maybe if I wore only black clothes, I would wear that name I am thinking of on my t-shirt, though I am more of a lighter-clothed person


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I remember being a computer illiterate person and hearing .net the first time. (4 years ago)

Didn't know it meant a site.

Think about how many .nets you've encountered?

maybe a couple other sites in a year

I don't think .net has great visibility and I take care in avoiding it.


In general, .com is the most recognized TLD it seems. If you like the sound of .net better, I'd still get the .com as well and point it at the .net just so you don't lose visitors to the .com URL (if someone should ever register it).


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If the com is available, you should certainly register it. Always register a .com before you register a .net.