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Borat the movie

lol i had a online voucher to get premier tickets to the borat movie if you live in the UK. Anyway is the premier over now?
ha ha, I don't think funny is the desired effect of Saw III :p
I know but I don't get scared for sht. it turns out to be funny seeing other people at the theatre piss their pants over some dumb scene. Now that's comedy! :lol:
Never heard of Borat... I don't go to the movies anyhow, so I see no reason to start now.
Im probably going to see both Borat and Saw III. As for paying, my girlfriend used to work at the movies, so we get free tickets. Go me.
dammit it comes out nov 3rd up here. I thought it came out today(technically yesterday) but it didn't..... saw III came out though, it was FUN!!! Atleast this one had me interested instead of having me cracking up. o well I guess am going back there on the 3rd. later!
Never heard of Borat... I don't go to the movies anyhow, so I see no reason to start now.
How can you not go to the movies? Don't you have friends that drag you whether you like it or not?

Here's a reason to start now
Sorry, theaters are too expensive for me.

I just wait for the DVDs and get them through Netflix.
I don't know if I'm the minority here, but overall, I'm willing to fork out a little bit for a movie, because overall, I enjoy the experience. It's kinda cool grabbing some ----ty food and then going with your friends to go see a movie. Talking during the previews, laughing at the same things, getting pissed off at people who talk...it's all a very pleasant way to spend an evening.
Movies are 100% worth it. The huge screen, the surround sound...

Me personally, I just can't wait for a DVD to come out to see some movies.

I have netflix, and I go to the movies and I buy quite a few DVDs. Plus I DVR anything good that comes on Showtime.
Does she maybe not work there anymore because you kept on getting free movies? :p

Not at all :p She just randomly quit, too, because they scheduled her for 26 hours one weekend. (6 hours friday, 10 saturday and sunday each).
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haha looks good, not going to miss this one..

edit, wow just found out you could maximize the screen in youtube! cool:p

I don't know if the humour can sustain an entire movie, but I'll probably see it. I've always kinda been tickled by Borat.

I love that one where he goes to the animal rights convention with all his hunting medals.

"Why? Why do you kill helpless animals?"

"...eet's for fun"

Have you seen the movie? Or a trailier? Please show me a link if it's a trailer:p
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Coming back from the cemetery of no-longer-posting-FWS-users for one single post:

Sacha Baron Cohen is THE MAN. Stick it to what makes this country stupid, and pretend to be even more stupid and completely uncivilized, speak Armenian instead of the Kazakh language, and tell all lies for great justice. All the people that got ripped a new one in this film deserved it. Very nice!
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I like the part where he is talking about hunting Jews, pretty creepy though. I've only see a preview however.
saw it 2 days ago, the whole room was laughing real loud for most of the movie... i really enjoyed it.
None of the theaters around here are even showing this. I guess it's a good thing I wasn't planning on see it. :p
In all of the Greensboro/High Point area. only one theater is showing it, and it's the farthest away from me.

Going to see it after I get off of work from my second job tommorow.
Anybody see him on the Daily Show the other night?

"George Bush is tough, but I don't think he can beat his father Barbara"