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Black Friday


Wait, What?
Yeah, I got sucked into one of those 3 hour lines where everyone is pissed off, hungry, needs to pee, and can't afford what their buying.... Except I brought a friend with me, so he held my place in line while I went pee, and he used my card to go get us some fooood. I think that just made the other people in line even more upset, cuz we were eating and drinking soda.

I digress,

I went there because Best Buy was supposed to have a $197 netbook or something... I dunno. Long story short, the guy laughed and said they were gone since I went at 8am and not at 4am. Frustrated, I looked at what else was for sale in their spanish-only advertisement (apparently the English ones were precious and not available anymore) and I found this.

AMD Athlon II X4 620 - Quad core 64 bit processor @2.60ghz
Windows 7 Home Premium
20" HP LCD Monitor
Inkjet Printer


Now I have a dual monitor setup, too.... with my samsung 22"


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All I have to say is

iMac 27"
Intel Core2Duo
Bose Speakers
Mac OS X 10.6
$1,600 ($101 off)

Oh yeah! I loved Black Friday this year. I also got a BlueRay player.


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I got a 42" 1080p TV for $250, but that was on Thursday, and it wasn't any sort of special sale really. My dad works for Wal-Mart's home offices, so I get access to an "associate store." Basically a store filled up with stuff that wouldn't sell, slightly damaged stuff, that sort of thing. The plastic on the front of the TV had a decent sized scratched, so it was there. Perfectly functional and fine otherwise though. 99% of the stuff in that store is total junk though.

Oh, and I tried to get a 640gb harddrive from NewEgg for $50, but it sold out while I was trying to put in my credit card information.

I've gotten 3 games so far from Steam's 5 day sale thing, too. KOTOR for $2.50, L4D for $7.50, and Majesty 2 for $10.00. Hopefully they have some awesome stuff the next couple days.
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Sup, Recoil here.
So, black friday; is everything really insanely cheap or are people just caught in the rush for a minor discount?

(We don't have Black Friday in UK)

That Mac for example, it's only about 7% off (which isn't exactly a fantastic saving). And David's deal is only brilliant because it comes with the monitor + printer.


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Most stores have some "doorbusters" that are really good deals. Those are the things people wait in line for hours and hours for. There are some other decent deals that you'd be hard-pressed to find any other time of year. Then the rest of the items tend to be things that they claim to be "crazy awesome Black Friday only" sale prices, but only actually end up being 5 or 10 percent off what it was the day before. They do this (like you said) just because people will get caught up in the Black Friday craze and will just assume "holy ---- that a good deal, I should buy that before they are sold out."

I don't go out on Black Friday just because it's really not worth it to me. Just as an example: Staples had a 21.5" 1920x1080 resolution monitor for $90 this year. If I wanted to buy that, I would have had to be in line probably around 8 or 9 PM the day before, and then wait until 6 AM, so 9 or 10 hours in line, and even then no guarantee I'll get it. All to save maybe 80 dollars. The stores are packed, so it isn't worth it even to go for the minor discounts on things. It's not uncommon to have to wait an hour or even two just to check out on Black Friday (in the morning anyhow).

Also, TVs tend to be the major focus (and for some reason this year, GPS devices, what the hell...), and I don't want a TV.


Sup, Recoil here.
GPS devices are pretty much outdated with the advent of the GPS-infused smartphone. Perhaps they were getting rid of old stock?


It gets better.
Which come in at hefty prices. With GPS car systems they're usually updated daily to give you things like road-works, traffic jams etc. They're not quite dead yet.


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Probably. Now that I think of it, that happens a lot. Monitors, computer parts, DVD/blu-ray players, all with a couple of years on them, are marked down a lot during Black Friday, and people buy them without thinking about how fast they'll become obsolete. I think I remember one ad this year selling a DVD player (not a blu-ray player) for $20.

I remember my dad bought a GPS device for traveling/vacations about 3 or 4 years ago, and now he's got an iPhone that does it for him. I guess GPS devices tend to have some advanced features that the phones may not have at this point, but all I use either of them for anyhow is to draw a line from point A to B.