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beware of hosting-shack

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Nahh, that was Robert

I think me and Robert are friends again,

Colorhost owner is a firm friend of mine. I have nothing against you, but you must have been using a nulled script, there are lots of *Free* Scripts out there that turn out to be nulled, that could be why, but ultimatly it is up to you to check theese things out!
Where did colorhost come into the conversation?


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Hi FTube_Creator, and fellow members of Freewebspace.net.

I'm Dennis, one of the administrators of Hosting-Shack. I've been sent here by Robert to clear this mess up. So, Let's see if we can't all get on the same page.

1. FTube_Creator, you were warned before your account was terminated. See the image below, it is from our ticket system, where your abuse was recorded, and you were given time to respond (We give users 24 hours to respond; although since he had a second account, we had to follow the other policy). Also, he/you had left a nulled installer, which is how we caught it. Unfortunately, you tried to bypass this by having a second account, but we can get into that later.

2. The reason why you are also banned, is because you had multiple accounts on both the server and forums. This is against the Hosting-Shack TOS, and is punishable by account deletion. You had illegal content in your second account as well, which explains the deletion.

3. Lastly, I've given you a honorable opportunity to dispute your claim to the Hosting-Shack Staff. Also, I sent the user a private message about 3 hours before the second account as banned, and he was online and active during that time. So the private message was received. Also, there was no reason to make two random angry posts at us for deleting your account for illegal content. In conclusion, if you want to take up my offer, you may Private Message me, and I'll give you the email link again.
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dennis, sorry about that, i was just trying to get something to work on loudwater.
i wasnt given the full 24 hours, that time was cut short. plus its hard to remove something when you dont have alot of time and cpanel always dies each night

2. now this is where your lying, i only had 1 account, and i dont use co.cc anymore because it hasnt worked right for me in probably 5 months - one year, lol.

3. as i have said, that second account isnt mine and you know it, i know an admin abuser when i see one.


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We are more than glad to help our clients get scripts to work on our servers, If you could not get one of the free scripts to work you should have came to us. If you have a problem with one of our staff/admins then you should have went to someone else or contacted me or Robert. WE HAVE ZERO TOLERANCE for nulled scripts and as for our services we are not the best out there. Now we would appreciate you to drop this vendetta you have against us and find a host that will host your illegal scripts.


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We do apologize on thinking that the other account was yours; although you still had nulled scripts on your account which is a violation of Hosting-Shack TOS. There shouldn't even be a reason for nulled scripts to be uploaded to the server. You can view a working demo at http://clipbucket.ath.cx/ to show that ffmpeg does work on our server, the reason why it wouldn't work for you was because you were using a de-coded nulled script for your youtube clone website. Lastly, you were still caught registering multiple accounts on the forums instead of visiting the our helpdesk or live chat or email to resolve the issue. You then decided to flood our forums saying content that should never be posted.

CS Squad

by just checking both of the account user's IP for that same day should get u the answer whether that is the same person or not.



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Yeah, it's normally. Who the hell will allow to host vdo, music hosting on web hosting? Niether shared, resellers whether paid or free will allow that as standard. It's drain a lot of cpu for web hosting. You can only host that on paid vps, dedicated, colocations. Still you've to follow tos & not to host pirates. You are at fault youself for not ask them before install. You came to their host and don't even to ask those scripts that you're install & when you get ban you come to one-side blaming. You're at failed from your lack responsiblity they already create forums for you to ask & you don't use it.

- Wrong, basic-basic, when anyone get ban form which host normally they would never allowed to be back again right?
- Even they want to get back and say "I'll not host pirate again" it can't be tell if they abuse again right? So they make a fines on them for guarantee for not to host pirate again and back as users normally.
- For those apologised users if they want to get back to host they've to pay fee as users guarantee.
- It's not that they reactivated their account to allow to host pirate stuff again.

This kind of concept for give another chance for bad users behave better and get back to the current host but that they've to pay fines to get back. That's the way to make bux from those abusers charge the fines on them until they stop bad behaviour. Some paid or free hosting seriously use this concept.
Are you don't understand or acting dumb? This is not allow people back to host pirate. Go back and read it again.:shame:

This is pay fines for back to host allow only for them to host their normal site in the current host. If they abuse tos 2nd time they'll get banned no 2nd chance anymore.
Do you think abusers have to be abusers till the rest of their life?

Reactivations fines refers to:
- guarantee not to abuse again.
- 2nd chance only for host normal sites Not unlock for host pirate like before, don't be stupid.
Do you think hostee are that moron like you think? Please don't undestimate unfamiliar concept that you don't understand.

Ps. Since that host run similiar concept as mine about fines. So I'm here for clarify the "concept fines" that you questioning.
I'm not here for fight you, okay? Also it's fine then if you want to understand like that let it remain so.


Darksoul isn't acting dumb, nor doesn't he understand. The fact is, first, your English is bad, we're all trying our best to understand your broken grammar and sentence structure - if we misinterpret it, sorry. Secondly, you mentioned, this host is requiring users who break their TOS a re-activation fee for their account to be unsuspended, which practically allows them to be hosted on your servers again. Did you even read what you're typing? Or are you getting emotional because the person who owns 'Hosting-Shack' is your close friend, or maybe yourself?

If, like you mentioned above, you mean that users pay an activation fee, but is not allowed to be hosted on the server again, why the hell would they pay it then?

Awaiting your reply. Just curious to here what you've to say. Again, let's do this in a healthy debate environment. :)

EDIT: My apologies if this is a little late to ask.

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From Robert:

The $25.00 reactivation fee is to give the user a second chance cause you never know either he/she may've received the script from a friend that might have been telling them they paid for the script without telling them it's a nulled script which happen to us before after viewing that person screenshots of there MSN Chat that they had with there friends. Which in this case the user who started this thread admitted to uploading illegal pirated script which he was given 24 hours to respond to a support ticket which was opened for his account which we still haven't received no reply for that support ticket. He never opened up a support ticket asking for any help the last support ticket that was opened was were the path for ffmpeg etc of which we did answer his ticket an gave him the correct ffmpeg path the #1 issue why your script didn't work was it was badly decoded that what happens when you tryed to get a paid software for free there are many free youtube clone website scripts for an example clipbucket, phpmotion, vidiscript, and ostube.

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hosting-shack did worn me about you through an instant message stating that you were running a nulled script. If you read his terms of service nulled scripts are not allowed.


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beware of the hosting shack, they have one of the worst services i have ever been to, their uptime is horrible. the hosting basically dies about 7-9:00 pm everyday PST. and doesnt return till about 8:00 am

the cpanel is just as bad, i have to try different url's to get into the cpanel at times and sometimes cant even get in that way, their ffmpeg reliability is 0.

i tried every youtube clone script trying to get something to work on their system. while trying a script that autodetected ffmpeg/cli settings, the host
reliability got even worse and i had no way to access the cpanel to remove it

and the host decided to be admin happy and ban me :confused4

avoid this host, their bad news
first and formost, running nulled scripts is not best way to start with a host nor does it support the companys product you intend on useing, I myself have an IPB Lifetime Lic. and installed a board on there server, within 3hrs my acct was locked because I nvr entered my lic. key (Security Reasons, IPB doesnt req key to install) Upon speaking with an admin I was asked to provide my a screen capture from Invisions site and the acct was unlocked instantly, they simply wanted proof that I was a legit customer of the products installed. I have spoke with there tech support and nvr had any problems, a transcript with there support agent was sent to me via email just mins after our conversation ended to keep for my own records. Guess rule is simple attempt to host stuff that you do not own or own a right to wont be tollerated, those who attempt get banned. For those who are looking to host illegal stuff might want to look else where, looking to host legit and legal software ect the host is stable and reliable.
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