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Best webspace for PHPBB2.0.4


New Member
Where can I found the best free webspace for my PHPBB2.0.4 ??
[ I am actually on Multimania, but it's really buggy: i have to refresh the page 4 times to get my forum!! ]

Just another question -> Is it really that pop-ups and ads can't be seen if I am using something like PHPBB2.0.4 ?

Be patient, some one will answer.

There are not many free webhosts with php and mysql that allow running of a message board. You should use ether paind hosting or use a remotely hosted forum (www.invisionfree.com, www.proboards.com, ...)

Tripod.lycos.co.uk (same as multimania) is one of the "best" FREE hosts for running a forum if you are going with paid but its slow as hell and its PHP is in safe mode.
Originally posted by Weirds
Go pay for it or just go with tripod.co.uk. It doesn't have banner.
i agree.Like i always say,no host will ever want a hostee to only have a forum,they want to see a whole site there.Paid hosting is the best option for you.
Some say ads don't appear on PHP boards over at lycos... but I really wouldn't recommend you host a forum on lycos, partially because it is unreliable and slow as hell...

Personally, as usual... forums on free hosts is a big "nono"... :biggrin2:
i know why.....

because that site has vBulletin

I don't say thats it illegal.

and fws server(s) are also at home, only a big home with more servers. think about that
I'm just looking for a good host to host a Scientific/Technologic forum...
Actually I am trying at coolfreepages...
Hope it'll work !
Oh no !!!!!!!! There is a pop-up !
I want to keep my forum clean, adless !
Also I tried the amazing 999mo hosts like Freeweb.hu and Holm.ru but I don't speak hungarian or russian; and when I sign up on the english one, HostUltra, it says my country is wrong!

if you use ikonboard with plain database(text files)
then you can go with flatface.net

but they aren't the best.
I got a script there which i can use to delete files, ikonboard needs chmod 777, and i can delete them. but i won't
(don't ask me about that script, it's already gone)
I'll certainly not pay, it's for a schoolwork! lol
I think I'm going to find the host I want, stop saying it is impossible!:chinese2:
As everybody know, "Impossible n'est pas français" ;)