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best os for performance and stability ?


i am using centos for more than 10 years but right now i have a server that hang too much i check everything and all hardware is fine the only thing i can find is that os have problem because that server has much traffic and usage so i am searchning for a best linux distro for performance and stability and security i see in benchmark in first stage is Ubuntu then centos then debian so can you guide me which one of them is best for performance and stability on high load ?
i wanted go with freebsd but directadmin does not support it very well and also it does not support packet filtering firewalls like iptables,


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There has to be something else wrong with your installation. Server hangs are rarely caused by the OS itself.

Centos7 is blazing fast. Certainly way faster than CentOS6 in our testing.


I prefer CentOS 5 or CentOS 6, you will get Best performance with these Operating Systems, Most of the Clients now go for CentOS only. It is compatible to install many Free or Paid control panels too.


I would suggest you CentOS is better for what you have specified the requirements which is very ease & compatible also user friendly.


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Why don't you use CloudLinux + LiteSpeed for your server? CloudLinux has several advantages as it is designed for shared hosting servers.

Having said that, server hang does not sound like a problem with the OS, unless the OS itself is heavily corrupted/infected.


The big thing for me is the uptime, and reliability, alongside good prices (in comparison with quality) and I also like to see some good support just for peace of mind.


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CentOS 7 really is amazing. Up to CentOS 6 I didn't like it that much, but CentOS 7 really changed my opinion.

Alternatively you could try Arch Linux or FreeBSD. Of course Ubuntu works as well and usually provides bleeding edge packages.
This question unfortunately does not have one true answer.
Several factors come into play. What are you using the operating system for? Are you an average everyday, intermediate, or advanced user? As the user plays a major role in the stability of any operating system and platform.
To get the most accurate answer, I would filter things a little better. Otherwise this turns into a debate fueled by opinions.


I would recommend CentOS for what you have specified, as it is very easy and compatible, as well as user-friendly.


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