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Best HTML Editor

Allaire Homesite if you don't like WYSIWYG editors. But Dreamweaver MX code viewer/editor is also great. Notepad have that 50k limits on file size.
I tried CoffeeCup once, it was good. Depends on what you want though. If you have used notepad, I assume you don't need a program that will pop up a little box to edit all the atrributes of the tags, so a simple program with syntax highlighting should do you.
Notepad have that 50k limits on file size.
I think that limit only applies to Windows 98 and below. NT 4 had a limit, but it was well over 50k. XP Pro doesn't seem to, but 3mb was the largest file I had on hand to test it with, so it might have one, just bigger than that.

I can somewhat see your point if you're talking about using Notepad as a programming or scripting editor, but for just making HTML documents, I wouldn't expect the 50k filesize limit-- assuming it applies to you-- to be a problem. If your webpages are that large, I think it may be time to redesign.
All mentioned are good...but I'm using a new free one called Crimson which I really like. :D
Combination of MetaPad, 1st Page 2000 and Mozilla/Netscape (Gecko only) composer is what I use generally. Zoobie: URL?
I only use wysiwyg editors. Dreamweaver MX is too expensive, and takes too long to download on my comp.

As of now, i use Netscape Composer. It's allright. 1st Page 2000 is shit if you don't know html. It isn't easy to use. Your best bet is to get a fast connection or a ton of $$$ and go get Dreamweaver, or stick with Coffee Cup.
Id have to say Dreamweaver too. I used to use notepad but once i started using dreamweaver i havent even considered any other options, however i have tried frontpage which was ok too. but no where as good as DWMX. :D