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Best hosting plan in the work???

Digitalspace.net is old news. They were very very popular about a year or two ago. When all the people signed up their service went down the tubes - slow support, down times, etc. I used to be hosted with them (had two sites there) so I know first hand :)
$3/month = 10 MB only total

AND remember: starting package, minimum due: 1 yr

You can't do serious things with only 10 MB and
if you want to leave, you can't, because you
have paid for 1 year (you would loose money)

and they don't have PHP4, they still have the old PHP3
Haha, maybe thats their strategy. Hook people into their service for a yeay (and get a years revenue of $36) then provide really bad service so that the user quits and goes elsewhere.

In general, in the internet world...to good to be true is usually just that (but not always!)
Actually, they send you a refund of any unused money. I quit my account 3 months into it and they refunded me 9 months worth of money.
10 mb is good enough

10 mb is good enough if you use MySQL and PHP because all the data is store in the MySQL database :D and you can have multiple database per account. I'm switching from perl scripts to php scripts, save me a lot of space.
HOSTSAVE is another rotten egg

Allow me to vent my frustrations with my former webhost.

November 07, 2000, 2:44 PM.

To the HostSave Team,

As you say that you are encountering difficulty receiving e-mail, I have no way of knowing whether you have in fact received this message. In fact, I have not received a return receipt from this same e-mail sent this morning at 10:50 am.

As such I hope you can understand why I must keep on sending this e-mail repeatedly until someone acts on my request for the IMMEDIATE CANCELLATION OF MY ACCOUNT. This problem could so easily have been avoided
if you had a CONTACT TELEPHONE # on your website long ago.

The original message is as follows:

It is very unfortunate that due to the lateness of your response to the numerous concerns I have faced over the past few days, that I now wish to cancel my account with HostSave.

Please provide for me a COMPLETE refund of the charges to my credit card bill, as you offer below.

For the record, I would like to state reasons for cancelling my account with hostsave.

1. For a problem I mailed to you one week ago, I have not received a personal response to date. I have, however, received 4 or 5 automatically generated responses which have had nothing at all to do with my problem.

I still have a copy of the e-mail sent, and the non sequitur
response for your reference.

2. My site went down for 24 hrs yesterday without any apparent reason. I could not resolve the IP address for the site, could not send mail to the pop3 accounts, could not log-in to the ftp server.

3. You do not even have a contact telelphone # at which to reach you. I sent an e-mail to support@hostsave.com specifically asking for nothing else aside from the contact #, and an e-mail was returned apologizing for the delay of the response, how the servers were down, but in the end, still failed to provide a contact #. It only proved again that HostSave does not have the answers to my questions, but rather provides answers that are entirely unrelated to my questions.

4. I have found other hosts at more affordable prices, who at least are kind enough to put their contact telephone #'s on their website, and provide better service.

Thank you.

I await your prompt response.