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Are you using You tube for your business?


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Are you using You tube for your business?. If so how it works? Any idea to make the people to see our videos among no of videos on You tube?
Look at tags used by popular videos related to your video and add the same tags so people will find your video on 'related videos' sidebar.
I don't use videos much for Zomex but I have a skateboarding blog which receives more traffic from Youtube than Google. It's by far one of the best ways to promote your website as it's like a search engine but in the very early stages with very little competition.

As AboutWeb said keywords and your video title, description are all there is to it but of course your video has to be high quality. The better your video is the more people will favorite it and share it and the more it will appear in users "recommended videos".
Look at tags used by popular videos related to your video and add the same tags so people will find your video on 'related videos' sidebar.
This a good way but not work every time, the better way is submit some qulity videos with attractive title and description, then promote them, if you got enough thumbups you may get listed on the top page, then your traffic boost!
Do you know that SEO able to work on youtube as well. That is why people start find out that the benefit of youtube or other video media placing on business website.
It is because it able to better interact with audiences, easy to understand, more interesting and make higher conversion rate.
I will said 100 % yes to use youtube to promote your business services and product. It able to market well and it able to share out more easily in social network. It build a fast brand awareness as well.
Using Youtube is reasonable when there is anything to show live. For instance you may show your work, and get a link from YouTube. In hosting, I believe, visdeos are less popular way of promotion.
We use Youtube for our business. But we do not advertise on there we have 2 videos there and use youtube source to share them over the Internet. I suppose using Youtube for direct advertising might not be good idea at all.
Actually I tried this few months ago, since I don't know how to add my blog's url in, I think all my work just adding my blog's visibility.
people likes to watch something interesting with the combination of visual and audio. That's why youtube is popular. Youtube helps to convert sales provided the video is crazy enough. Of course, you have to do some publicity on your youtube as well. if your video is interesting, people will help you to spread the news.
I have a tutorial video of my site on there, Youtube seems to be a good way to make sites popular, at least in my experience.
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I think you tube is very good medium it is the one of the largest websites visited by world.
Please elaborate how are you using YOUTUBE to increase traffic at your web site?

It's "pretty easy" - you just mention your site both in the notes and the video itself. Whether it's a productive method is not the question, just that it certainly is a valid promotion method.
Using YouTube for promotion is one strategy that is effective if you know how. Its not easy but its worth it. Submit a video at Youtube that is interesting enough for your targeted audience and include your website either at the front or end of your video. Promote your video on social media sites, forums and other sites that accepts links or videos. The more the video gets viral, the more you may get traffic to your site.
I didn't try this yet. I have heard that it can help with some companies, but would it help with a hosting company? I doubt that.
Thanks for the tips guys. What I do is to post a link to my website at my channel section. I comment on other peoples videos too. Get more interaction from them sometimes subscribe to their channel and in return, they comment on my videos too.
Hi, This is great method of advertising your products or business, just make a promo video of your company and upload it share it at networking sites the best site of sharing is facebook you get more and more views.