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managed wordpress hosting

Amazing Offer! 5GB Space/1TB Transfer, cPanel, No Ads, Fast Servers, Free WordPress!


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http://www.i6networks.com/ - The Amazing Free Hosting Provider!

Fully featured, FREE Cpanel Web Hosting. ** NO BANNER ADS EVER*

Includes all the best scripts like Wordpress, phpBB, PhpNuke, Geeklog,phpLinks,Typo, Xoops, Mambo, Wiki, Moodle + over 100 other scripts included FREE. These scripts are Pre-installed, which means just 1-click to install them.

5000 MB ~ Storage Space
1000 GB (1TB) ~ Bandwidth Traffic
OS: Linux Hosting
Servers located in Atlanta, USA at a 100% network uptime facility!

Your own CGI-bin: Yes
mysql/PHP: Yes
Control Panel: cPANEL
100 PHP Scripts, Fantastico: Yes
Secure Server (https://SSL): Yes
Detailed Web statistics: Yes

POP3 Email accounts: 100
Email Autoresponders: 100
Email Forwarding: 100
Email Aliases: 100
Web-based E-Mail Access: Yes

Subdomains: 100
Domain Pointers: 100
FTP Accounts: 100
Virtual FTP Server: Yes

phpBB Forum, oSCommerce, phpNuke pre-installed: Yes
MS FrontPage Extensions: Yes
Web-based File Manager: Yes
MX Record Changes: Yes

Sendmail Support: Yes
Crontabs: Yes
E-Mail SMTP Server: Yes

100% Network Uptime, Guaranteed.
99.5% Web Server Uptime, Guaranteed.
No Forum Posting Required.
No Banner Ads.


You must have an established site two (2) months or older to join. We do not register domain names. If your site is under two months of age, your application will be rejected. We do not host new sites due to the possibility of people who signup to setup fraud/spam operations.

Sites We Do Not Cater/Host
We do not host excessive Anime, Manga, Movies, MP3, Torrents and File Download sites whose "main/primary" purpose is for storage/archival and distribution.

What do you want in return?
We would appreciate a small text link back to our website on the frontpage of your website at the bottom footer.

Can you afford this? Will my sites last?
Yes. Before we launched this service we ensured we are fully funded, and have sufficient capital to keep our service running at a premium for at least 36 months (3 years). In the case we decide to discontinue our free hosting service, you will be notified 60 days before services are stopped.

Signup Now, more details:

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the method your site uses to verify if the domain is 2 months old doesnt work. :(
I tried with several domain. my own ones and several coperate ones including microsoft.com. it doesnt work
I had a site that was hosted on AhPlace for eight months before they decided to close down (due to hacking). Can I apply for a subdomain?
Yes 100 addon domains supported, so you can point

mysite2.com -> your own website, etc

mysite3.com -> to a folder in your account (/public_html/mysite3)
i6networks is definetly legit

If anyone has any doubts on i6networks being a hoax or a spam, or they're just getting tired of waiting for the application to be approved, don't give up. I have my account now from them and it's exactly when they are advertising. I actually sent in one request, but it never got answered after a week, so I reapllied and a week later when my billing date was due (which was free), I recieved a email from them containing very detailed infomation for my account. All you need is a domain of 2 months and the patience of hoping for this amazing free host. Those who need it and have the requirements, try it out, it's going fine for me! I've been hosted for about 5 days :lol: and everything runs smoothly.
This is a message to i6networks:
The only concern is:
-Does customer support give quick and detailed replies for hosted members?
-Will the server stay clear and monitored well to keep the server load to the low? So far I've seen it fluctuate from .50~6.00. Avg:~3
-As it says, no exessive hosting of anime, movies, high bandwidth things, but can I stream some of my own low-bandwidth consuming videos we make? We will not spam or cause high server loads. I'm still worried on this amazing and generous amounts of bandwidth that I want to use wisely.

If anyone has any questions on i6networks, the best answer would be to contact i6network's support place or you may contact me and ask questions. I will answer to the best of my knowledge.
2 days have passed :( still no reply and no reply to pm but i am not giving up as i saw on the net they are one of the best out there it seems so i will push may patience to the limit and waiit and waiiiit....

Happy New year to ya all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hello i6n i must say that is the best free plan i ever saw !!! i have signed up for it and am waiting the 2nd email
one thing can anyone tell me how long did you wait for the 2nd mail to arrive ??? because the host were i am now is too small in space and bandwith and we have forums that are rapidly growing
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NO it does not !!!!!!!!!! :angel:
I got it man am i happy !!!!!!!!!! It shows on the cc no only xxx xxxx xxx and you just enter a coupon and it will always be free!!!

I waited a little bit more then 24 hours but it was worth it ! So all you who have signed up and are waiting wait some more because it is worth it !