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a host worth checking out


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Check out http://www.fuitad.net

PHP,MySQL,CGI, 300mb if you go higher then that you have to have banners. Not sure about bandwidth.

Oh, and its been up longer then 2 weeks ;)

Might be worth checking out guys, later.
Checking it out right now, sounds good alot of space i will tell your what i think in a bit
Well, i will try net cabins, then get it since you have to have an existing site already and all i have is a dull blank page at h3k.org and h0ax3k.com :(

But how did you find this site?
Tell your friend of a friend to meet a dictonary

*p.s i know i need one, i bought a cdrom dictonary today (=.

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Originally posted by RussellG
A friend of a friend knows the guy who runs the server.

Where is the server located? Do you know. In what country I mean? Looks like it's quite fast at least right now.
I'm not entirely sure to tell you the truth. You could ask at there UBB.

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Originally posted by Technics
Tell your friend of a friend to meet a dictonary

*p.s i know i need one, i bought a cdrom dictonary today (=.

dictonary --> dictionary

maybe you should've read the CD label..
Originally posted by hostfifty
And theres something wrong about being around for less than 3 weeks?

There's nothing wrong with being around for less than 3 weeks, everyone has to start somwhere. If you have been here and read what has happened to ad-free FWPs then I don't have to say anything more, and you get the idea.

You aren't the first person that has wanted to offer ad-free webspace, and you won't be the last, but in order for you to last, something more has to be done, and you aren't doing it.

How long would a soup kitchen that hands out free food survive without donations? Is it good that you opened a soup kitchen? Of course! Is it bad that the food just ran out and you don't have any idea of how you are getting more? Regulars have come to count on your meals, and word has gotten out. What will you do? What will you do?
Well, that was nice while it lasted. Fuitad.com is not accepting any more registrations, they're full to the brim.
They are located in France (d*mn...would have suited me).

No more new sites.....
This was on their fronpage:

Sunday November 26 2000, 3:21 EST - Back from the dead

my past week absence is well explained. FuitadNET got WAY too popular lately and I received an average of 100 request a day, along with very important server usage (of hosted sites). I had to get cash to pay all this.

For my members who mailed me, I'm taking care of it monday in the day. For the persons who applied, I have to reject you. Sorry... no more place.. FULL, totally full. I never though my service would get so popular, it almost killed me. I'm sorry :(. I'll take the registration down monday.


unfortunatly, the recent unexpected advertisement of my service (.net magazine in UK and several websites) overloaded my server. With 100+ hosting request a day, I had to cut it. If I start getting too much people, I better buy geocities2.com and start a technical support less, slow server.

I prefer to have less user and meet up their demands quickly and provide a fast server :).


hey surfichris remember way back when you said you knew how to set up ftp accounts automatically? http://www.freeze2k.com will give you 200mb plus 10 for compensation for upgrading downtime if you tell them how (they offer everything except perl and cgi im sure theyd make an exeption for you) also no ads. email johnathan@ont.com or chris11456 on aol.