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700,000 free hosting accounts to giveaway!

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i6Networks.com is a world class *FREE* web hosting provider that enables rapid online presence for small-to-medium size businesses at no cost. Our mission is to provide customers worldwide with unbeatable web hosting solutions. Our network is connected to Dual-OC3 connections ensuring ultra fast network speeds. Furthermore we only utilize brand name hardware equipment to ensure maximum reliability.

We're giving away life-time free $0 accounts.


30 MB Webspace
2GB/mo Bandwidth
FREE Domain Hosting (http://username.i6networks.com)
FREE PHP Support
FREE Secure Server (SSL)
FREE Server Side Includes
FREE Perl & CGI Support
FREE 24/7 Upload/Download Access
FREE Online Support
FREE Online Web Builder

* Includes Web-based File Manager & Web Stats.

Get your free account at http://www.i6networks.com/

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Beautiful service, but if your giving out cgi/perl/php, why arent you giving out FTP? Great host nevertheless.
So, how do I make the FTP work? I don't see any options for it on the File Manager page, and I've tried all the usual combinations of ftp addresses. I keep getting the message "530 Authentication failed, sorry"
And where are you getting the 21,000,000 MB of hard drive space, or 30 terabytes? You've apparently got one heck of a hard drive or you've got one of those nice 'unlimited' ones :rolleyes:
Works fine for me

I think you will host my domain

I don't believe there is domain hosting, seems to be subdomains only

How can you offer that much space on what seems to be a shared server (universal.dnsprotect.com) :confused4
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i6Networks.com is a world class *FREE* web hosting provider
I hope you stay a world class web host.....

when you got 700,000 accounts to give away.

how much servers do you got?
that will make 7000 users on 1 server
seems enough for me.
Works now. :)

That's a nice site...

Why does your site trace back to NAC and you claim to be in the ThePlanet DC?
Can you provide an IP or server name with url to back-up the claim firstly?
We run several other hosting brands which sponser this company. The other brands are profitable.

We have servers in several DCs. Some at NAC, some at ThePlanet. The bandwidth we use is top quality, so enjoy! :)

Since it's free, we'll be adding 2500 free sites per server. The new server which will be shortly added will be a Dual Xeon 2.4ghz, 2x 73GB SCSI drives, RAID-1 protection, 1GB DDRAM.
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There are plenty of hosts that will offer you MySQL

Try the F.A.Q at the top of the free hosting section
you complain too much.. you probably don't deserve the hosting then

works fine for me.. but i'm against homefree...
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