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10 Tactics to attract more customer and increase sales online


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In this Post We are going to write down various tactics in three parts in the order they can achieve: Easy, Medium, Hard. We also go over voice search in the next article, how to appear in google voice search.
These listed tactics will help you to increase sales online and also help you to make your website more SEO friendly.

You can do Medium tactics and then Hard. One thing, I want to say if you want to increase your sales than focus must be on your products and customer. Learn to read your customer needs and how and when they buy most.

EASY Tactics To increase sales online
Easy tactics are fairly simple and start with own website and end on your own website. We will focus on On Page SEO to get the website ranked in Search Engine.
If our website gets ranked into the search engine then you will get customer/user without spending a single penny. Its sounds amazing, yup but for this we have to do a lot of work.

These are possibly small things can use any company or website owner or blog owner to increase sales online. Your task list is ahead…

Adding Correct content to Website
First is First. Get some time 30 min or more will be fine. Open your website, Start checking like you are about to buy a product from this website. Go to the Home page or the product page.

Start analyzing like i want to buy this product and finding information so you can make a decision to make an order.

To-Do List. You check these things to make sure On Page SEO. It will help you get ranked in Search Engine without paying a single penny to an SEO company.

  1. Check the url structure of Your website? Does Url is simple to read? Does Url contain product name and keyword that you want to rank in search engines?
  2. Check product Images, Are they visible? Are they high resolution? Do magnify apply (people can hover mouse to see a big portion of an image )?
  3. Read product content, Do text contains grammar mistakes? Does the written text make sense? Text written on the product page conveys information about products.
  4. All features of a product listed? which is essential to make people's mind for placing an order. Adding correct features will help your product to sell online easily.
  5. Are Images have text in their alt tag? alt tag text tells the search engine what kind of image is this. Mainly describing image purpose: like Red Apple, Red Carpet Image, jumping cat over a wall, etc.

Change Banner | Visibility, and Readability
We always like to see the good quality of images and videos. Think according to the customer point of view. Images and Video you uploaded to a website for your customer.

Are they appealing? Video is giving a solution to a customer’s problem or question? If the Answer is NO. Then it is time to change Videos and Images and Create good quality of images that will drive your customer attention. We have done some research for you, got 11 most use OpenCart modules in an e-commerce website.

Think again why Big companies hire a good awesome designers to create a quality of images and investing too much. The answer is because they know their products require the customer’s attention.


  1. Check Banner or Video have on your website Again
  2. If you found you can improve them Improve it NOW.
  3. Or you can replace with new ones.
If you are not a designer, Do not worry i m also not a designer, but still create something good not from scratch how designer does. But using predesigned templates. There are some free really good designing websites like Canva which offer more than 500+ pre-designs templates thathxctbtcxdyqSZZZZ can be used to create new attractive banner for not only products also on social posting. Or you can hire a good designer to make a banner and videos.

Now comes what text should be written on the banner so the customer must click or think about your offer or can not decline it. This is one of the most difficult tasks. Really difficult. I know because i m doing.

We are writing more than 20 sentences to get one which will do the trick. You can use these websites to track the rank of sentence which will trigger your customer to think

Post every Week something good and deliver something to your customers. Also, promote your Page or account to increase customer reach. You can use Influencer to reach to your audience who are already listening to them.

And Show of your products using their account. But you must select Influencer very carefully. Selecting the wrong Influencer will make your brand down in front of your customer.

Or you can use Paid promotion. If done carefully than your post will reach your targeted audience you. Otherwise, you will just be wasting your money. Do it your self if you are good at it or hire someone who is perfect in paid promotion.

Adding MicroData | Local SEO
MicroData is technology recently emerged when Tech giant Google, Microsoft, Yandex, Yahoo, companies came together to get more sensible information from websites. That’s how today’s search result shows.

From opening time to closing time, name, address, a more accurate result of your query. Adding MicroData to your website will get 2 positions above from your current ranking without doing anything. How to read ahead.

Let me tell you if you are not aware of Micro Data. MicroData is simple Html tags or JSON tags. Which tells information about the website and page to search engine. How and what data they should look into your website.

Example If you are selling Bakery items than the Search Engine should know it is an e-commerce website, product price, qty, product image, number of customer reviews. And overall customer rating. This is all you got in Google while searching.

If you implemented correctly then you can see your website search result also showing this information on Google and other search engines. Customers can assume you have good items and quality of service if rating and customer reviews are good.

Keep in mind that do not write fake information in Micro Data, Search engines are very smart and they try to match the information you gave into microdata is matching with your website content or not. And giving wrong information will make your website slip to down in search results.

Change CTA | Increase in Sales
CTA is the text you one or two lines on banners of ads. They are written very carefully and must match with a customer profile. Your website also contains a banner right. So do banner contains any kind of text on it? if yes then it is good.

Or you write text like Signup, login, checkout page has text written on it. Let’s see how small Text impact overall order process

Add secondary CTAs for additional conversion actions
source: Google Research
you must write text like this way

  1. First, analyze where a banner will place. According to placement and page. Write appropriate text which can trigger emotion to a customer and encourage in order to follow.
  2. The text should have emotional triggering words.
  3. Text can go 5 words to 10 words. But not more than 15, Otherwise it will convert into the paragraph and it will hurt your overall order process
Abundant cart Email notification | encourage the customer to buy
When visitors come to your website and add the product to the cart to buy. But for some reason, they left the website without buying the product. This is called Abandoned Cart rate. A maximum Abandoned Cart will lead to lower profit.

Every company facing this issue. Estimate loss is around 20% of the revenue of the overall year. It is a really big issue for e-commerce companies. m sure it is happening with you also.

Amazon and other companies came with the solution of sending an email back to the customer who tries to buy a product but did not complete the order for some reason.

Here is how e-commerce companies increase their revenue by 10% by just sending Abundant cart email

  1. Either you can install Abundant cart email module to your website or write your own script
  2. This module will auto send email to the customer who did not complete their order.
  3. Email have previous order product + related product
  4. Send 2 emails a week and 1 email the second week or you set time according to whatever suits to your customer
  5. Also, include UTM code – tracking code which tells you to order placed is came from Abundant cart email so you can track revenue
Yup! Now you are ready to get your customer back to buy a product. Hell, it works like magic. Must try it if you are not doing it before. If you are doing it then you can do with adding tracking code UTM to email links so you can get clear revenue stats.

Competitor Analysis
YEAH! It is the most difficult task and needs full attention. Competitor Analysis is not easy, you must know it before heading over it.

But the result will always good when done correctly.

I have listed out some tactics you can follow to get competitor hard work to beat their rank on Search Engine and Sales, This is how All Companies doing. If you are not doing this before, Than this is the right time to start from here.

These tactics involve some technical parts you can do it yourself or hire a SEO company or the person who is really very very good in Competitor Analysis, otherwise, If you are not sure or done badly, it means you are going to through your hard-earned money to the river.

Steal Competitor On Page SEO Info| Analyzing competitor
Getting competitor website On Page SEO data like targeting keywords, alt tags of images, Content word count on pages, Keywords list on product pages. This information used to compare your website to check you are doing right or wrong or better.

You can use free tools like WooRank, SemRush, UberSuggest, and other tools to check. After completing the search, you can write an improved version of On-Page information on your product. Use OpenCart SEO Module to get your work done within a minimum time period