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$0.19 host??


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Hey, i've been using www.onehost.ws for a few months now, to host www.hangoutcentral.net. Their uptime has been good and the price was good too. Sadly, they've changed their plans from the following:

1000Mb diskspace
2 GB bandwith


4000Mb diskspace
3 GB bandwith


7000MB diskspace
6 GB bandwith



100Mb diskspace
2 GB bandwith

500MB disksapce
3 GB bandwith


1000 MB diskspace
4 Gb bandwith


Although this doesnt affect my current contract, it will when the 12 month period is over. I guess they had to change it since offering 1000Mb diskspace for $0.99/month is a bit TOO cheap.. and hardly anyone will be using that much (apart from me :cry2:).

Being 14, and not earning any income, I need a very cheap host. Ive checked on ebay, and companies seem to be selling "eBAY specials" in which they give hosting really cheap, although im not sure if I can trust them. I've found www.1portfolio.com, which seems to be a bit TOO cheap, even cheaper then onehost.ws. The cheapest price is $0.19/month for 250MB ds/1GB bandwith, which would last me about a a day. Their most expensive plan is $0.99/month for Unlimited ds/Unlimited bw. Im wondering if anyone else has used this before and thinks its good. For 99cents you can't really go wrong, but they can't really be making a profit, or could they? Also, unlimited bandwith is a bit if a put off, but they must have enough for atleast 20-30GB bandwith for each customer, which will be enough. What do you think? Are there any other good, reliable, cheap hosts out there?

hmm so you want another cheap host after you see what has happened with onehost.ws? makes me wonder sometimes
Well as long as i've signed up with them before they've started lowering their diskspace. I don't mind hopping around cheap hosts every year. Once i've signed up, they can do what they want, as long as it doesnt affect me for the year... if it does, they'll be hearing from my lawyer. :cool:
Originally posted by Upv33r
... if it does, they'll be hearing from my lawyer. :cool:

Too bad that you're 14 and it won't work as you cannot enter into a legal contract with minors.
Too bad that you're 14 and it won't work as you cannot enter into a legal contract with minors.

Very clever.. luckily, as I am 14, the account wont be registered on MY name, as I don't have a credit or debit card. The person who IS paying for it will obviously not be a "minor". :D Now please, can we get back on topic?
and ace-host has "Untitled Document" on their splash page :) and they are fairly new (created 29-mar-2003)

No hosts offering that can last long, period.

Upv33r: are you saying you would trouble yourself just for a few cents? I dont think your lawyer would be interested to help you :D

Cleary you are contradicting yourself. If you run a whois on your domain, here is what it says for registrant:

Manro, Trishna upveer_m@hotmail.com.

That shows you have registered the account in your name.

Your account on your current host can be cancelled, due to the fact that you never agreed to their TOS. To agree with their TOS, you have to be 18, the age to enter a legally binding contract, which you are not. If your current host knew about this, they could cancel your account right now even if you paid for a year.

The only way you can legally get hosting is by finding a host that has no TOS, which I gurantee you, you will not find.
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Another thing about the contract, you are agreeing to THEIR rules. Unless otherwise specified in that agreement, they can change their prices and plans as needed to adjust for costs and inflation. They dont have to "grandfather" your price. However, they can change their rates when they want to, and are not governed on any law about it. Companies in other industries do it all the time (cell phone, electric, phone, post office, etc, etc)

I love the ones who think they should be grandfathered in on movie ticket prices :D
it is possible, even with some reseller hosting plans it works out to be like 20 cents per 100mb of space... they just wouldn't be making much money, like to pay support staff.
First it has to say in their TOS and the contract you sign that the plans will be frozen, if it does not say that, then basically the host could change your plan anytime they want and to whatever they want.