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    Nazi??? I don't think so. Get a life Chris.

    A lawsuit is no fun. I've been on both sides of that before, actually. That's why I'm giving such a long period of time for them to fix that. I did as you suggested, and did post a request in the feedback section. I do hope that the mods are as nice as you say. They can make a bad situation...
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    Defamatory post against me; please remove.

    I was told that Jan or Peo could remove a defamatory post hosted on the FreeWebspace.net community about me made by a "customer" who refused to pay for services for months. As a last resort this individual began to make up stories about "nazism" after the web server was rooted and the main...
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    Nazi??? I don't think so. Get a life Chris.

    I didn't come to blabber about anything, but to refute Chris's lie that's been circulated for years on here until now. I didn't threaten them. If you do read it, I asked them nicely to remove the defamatory posts against me/my company/anyone connected to it. If they don't comply with that...
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    Nazi??? I don't think so. Get a life Chris.

    P.S: I somehow doubt that the jerks with too much time on their hands will spam the explanation or clarification of what REALLY happened on google too?
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    Nazi??? I don't think so. Get a life Chris.

    Ok, I just found this on google where apparently a user named Chris who owned a domain called rockymania (or Spookums on here) keeps reposting to google and search engines over and over for the sake of busting a nut or getting their jollies on some false sense of acheivement in their life. Well...
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    Pay once - not once per month.

    Megaknight Technologies offers premium plans for lightweight to power hosting without the hassles. But this time, the rules have changed. You only need to pay one time for service. Not one time per month, not one time per year. There are no ads on your site, and no contracts to adhere to. You...
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    Best online store for buying hardware?

    One of mt favorite places to order from is Pricewatch: http://www.pricewatch.com ... they are an OEM 1st/2nd level direct manufacturer super outlet. Picked up a brand new creative labs CD-RW from them a while ago for $45, and a new hard drive for $75. They have full computer kits for around $145...
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    Becoming a webhost?

    There are a few ways to handle the IP address changes. One way is to use dyndns with a program called directupdate...supported on unix, win32, vms, and mac. When your ip changes, it will change your dyndns name as well. Just alias your dyndns name with a CNAME on the dns to you domain name and...
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    FreeDOS and TCP/IP

    Anyone know where I might be able to get TCP/IP stack drivers for FreeDOS? Gunna play around with a 286 and freedos with a dos based web server, and just wondered if anyone knew where there might be tcp/ip dos drivers. I checked out microsoft's tcp/ip drivers, but they don't seem to work right...
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    One-time fee hosting. Period!

    Tired of paying once per month, or once per year? Try once - only. We charge only one time for our services, and you never have to pay again. Here's why: We are now partnered with Barclay's Global Investors and earn dividends on the deposit you give us for hosting. We not only pay for all...
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    250MB / 4GB / $29.95/year

    If people want it i'll add it. :) It's on a per-customer basis right now, but I don't charge extra for adding one though... Wolfknight
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    New scripting language / html extender

    Question: If I wrote an extension to html, just simple additions which make repetition and design easier...with scripting language features added but still adherent to html 1.1, do you figure people would use it, or simply prefer to use existing html and regular scripting languages instead...
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    250MB / 4GB / $29.95/year

    Multiple redundant T1 connections, 1GHZ NT4 systems // 256MB ram per system, and 40GB hard drives on each server.
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    250MB / 4GB / $29.95/year

    Thank you Psychopath. The idea is pretty much to try and be all the weird/fun stuff that other hosts don't have time to do. I figure there's enough developers, hobbyists, and business-people alike to enjoy all the fun weird stuff I'm adding to the server every other week, and surely someone will...
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    250MB / 4GB / $29.95/year

    Ok, here it is. WYSIWYG ;)... Basic Hosting Features with Megaknight: 250MB - 500MB web space Services 24/7 FTP Psw protected dirs Raw server logs Personal CGI-BIN PHP4/Perl5/Python/SSI Preconfigured CGIs Bandwidth meter Sendmail/SMTP Easy control panel Unlimited URL...