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    Free hosting request: cPanel, mySQL, PHP, Fantastico, phpMyAdmin, FTP, .htaccess, Oth

    What do you need the 4 GB's of space for? I offer 1 GB of space and 25 GB of bandwidth.
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    Servelayer Free Hosting - 1 GB / 25GB BW

    Greetings all ! Servelayer's web hosting is here to support you with your small websites or blogs or whichever your website values ! Have an experience with us and try us out. We offer great specifications on our free hosting plan and it's perfect! Server Information: 16 Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU...
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    More free hosting clients are appointed to a solo employee. Paid Hosting are appointed to the rest of the support team to provide the best proficient support.
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    File Hosting like Mediafire.com

    If you would like to host a file hosting business, you're going to have to spend a lot more than shared hosting. Get your own dedicated servers and charge clients to use your space and bandwidth. That's how it goes. Too many resource to begin a file hosting website.
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    Servelayer Inc. - 5 Free Accounts per 2 Weeks -

    If you provide real information , I have no problem accepting your order.
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    ♥ ♥ ♥ Servelayer's Web Hosting Starting @ 1.95/Month | Valentine's Day Specials ♥ ♥ ♥

    Hello FWS members, I would like to introduce you to a couple of plans that are suitable for your personal website. From our regular plans of 2 GB space ~ 10 GB, Valentine's day promotional packages brings you packages from 5 GB ~ 16 GB Annually / Bianually payments brings you Free Domain...
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    Looking for hosting

    ServeLayer Inc. is having a Valentine's day sale continously until the 27th of February. All modules and applications are preinstalled for your video website. Bandwidth and space is a limited time offer. =================== Server Heart =================== $6.95 /month 16,000 MB Disk Space...
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    Seraphimlabs Is Down What Happend??

    Oh lord, good luck !
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    Seraphimlabs Is Down What Happend??

    :doh!::doh!::doh!::bkick: Really? o.O
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    ServeLayer Post 2 Host - Starting from 250MB / 5 Posts a Month

    I have explained the situation to you. :) Free hosting is now forum posting. www.forum.servelayer.com
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    ServeLayer Post 2 Host - Starting from 250MB / 5 Posts a Month

    ServeLayer Free - Starting from 750MB DS Hello FWS, Is it a hassle? Asbolutely not ! It's decent enough for you to stay hosted by us ! We don't worry about making money, The forums are completely clean and freed from ads ! We don't make money by adsense or Yahoo Ads, we don't want to use you...
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    Google Chrome Operating System!

    You can even used them for web hosting servers : D :lol::evilb:
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    EyeOS hosting needed!

    Both versions recommends a dedicated server. You will have to invest money.
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    Gameserver CPU/Bandwidth Requirements

    Celeron D 1.4 GHZ is the minimum to run at least 8-12 players, It runs great but i'd recommend more server resources to maintain the server stable.
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    EyeOS hosting needed!

    I agree with this gentleman, The most time you would be hosted on a shared server before administration finds out it takes a load of CPU resources, would be approximately 1-3 days. VPS / Dedicated Server would be the best option for you.