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  1. Sain Cai

    Nobunaga's Archives

    I had written that on mobile, then "attempted" to edit, which showed as altered correctly. Unfortunately I dont see a way to edit now that I am on my PC so the correct address (proper link) is http://saincai.if1.us Hopefully that will work lol
  2. Sain Cai

    Nobunaga's Archives

    I redesigned the website after a LONG hiatus, new url: http://saincai.if1.us i also redesigned the acidtechgreen phpbb3 to suit my needs. i havent made a standard logo, just tossed one on there for now. keep in mind this is a website about the warring states of Japan and the video game series...
  3. Sain Cai

    How do directory applications get processed and how long does it usually take?

    Are you referring to this website? Contact Peo if so. If not, then where did you sign up?
  4. Sain Cai

    Free Hosting Pesonal 3 Month !

    Not good only a week or so after posting
  5. Sain Cai

    100% Free Cpanel Hosting

    You may want to use regular links so prospective clients can simply click the link (direct to a signup page if applicable) instead of having them go through the trouble of copy/paste/remove/add to get to the site.
  6. Sain Cai

    Number 1 top rated free host on FWS for a reason!

    Where exactly is it stated that gigarank is the top rated host here? I checked the front page/listings and couldnt find any ranking system.
  7. Sain Cai

    What is name's template? Please!

    Same here, no active link, just a 404 error. I assume either he has the template name or simply wasn't important enough to follow up
  8. Sain Cai

    Error On Login

    I just experienced this as well, used the top right login on index page and said I was logged in, but showed I wasnt on the index. I clicked into a forum section and showed I am logged in
  9. Sain Cai

    How i can learn html

    I learned mine by trial and error......MANY errors lol. I used to take old websites and then learn where things were altered and basically how things worked from there. Same with css
  10. Sain Cai


    Man, now I feel old. Just turned 41 in Jan :/
  11. Sain Cai

    Centered websites or columnar?

    As I have designed and redesigned a million websites, I have often gotten stuck on what websites look more appealing to people. Basic jist is would a centered website, with menus that drop down or those with columns on the side(s) with the links. A basic comparison: Columnar...
  12. Sain Cai

    Request for free hosting

    There is a reason why she had posted in free Hosting, and wasn't for a VPS. Its ironic how you state a VPS would be appropriate, and just so happen to have links for VPS services. To the OP, if it is a small wordpress blog, you probably wouldnt need 20 GB transfer, maybe 5-10 max.
  13. Sain Cai

    [InstaFree.com] No Ad, No Post - Free Shared and Reseller Hosting

    Do you require the user to have a domain name or can they use a subdomain?
  14. Sain Cai

    Mobile Friendly layouts?

    And this pertains to my question how? Looking thru your posts, i am unsure any contribute to the community, rather bump post count for your sig.
  15. Sain Cai

    Mobile Friendly layouts?

    I will be redesigning a website, but also wish to make one mobile friendly as graphics on the regular PC version may be too intensive for mobile viewing. My question is do I need to create a site specifically for mobile browsing, or should I hold back on the heavier graphics and make it so the...