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  1. Kaliber

    sound problem

    Well, gave up and bought a cheap sound card, works a charm ;)
  2. Kaliber

    sound problem

    Yes, I have rebooted, Downloaded the latest driver from the realtek website and the asus website, the sound is onboard, so no compatibility issues lol
  3. Kaliber

    sound problem

    Hi, I get the "no audio device" message when I go into sounds and audio devices control panel section. I do not appear to have any soundcard installed in the device manager, however i have run the install for the drivers and it says its installed. Is there anything I am doing wrong, I build...
  4. Kaliber

    Joolo Dead?

    dead again, for days now...
  5. Kaliber

    The "Does-Nothing-O-Matic"

    yeah, im trying to figure out the chess peices bit!
  6. Kaliber

    Joolo Dead?

    joolo are very slow now however
  7. Kaliber

    A little advice

    $12 here in aus is pretty damn poor, im assuming it differs greatly though. Heres whatcha do, go apply for other more 'regular jobs', once you get one, quit, simple as that. Its not as though you have any great loyalty to the company, im sure if they could buy a machine to do your job they...
  8. Kaliber

    'Dead' man wakes up under autopsy knife

    i would hate to die on this :( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judas_Chair
  9. Kaliber

    New TV Season amongst us

    its a crying shame that there is only a single season of scrubs left :(
  10. Kaliber

    New TV Season amongst us

    scrubs, south park
  11. Kaliber

    Guaraná Antarctica

    jack n coke
  12. Kaliber

    vBulletin Admin for Hire

    Your kidding yourself mate.
  13. Kaliber

    morning drink bad?

    its all good man, just put a shot in. best way to cure a hangover is to drink more :)
  14. Kaliber

    Small scale free hosting, can it work?

    In my opinion the post to host is just ridiculous, its just webmasters wanting to have their own forum community. It is not really sustainable.
  15. Kaliber

    Best. Skateboard. Accident. Ever.

    somewhat funny