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    Looking for Webhost

    Perfect, I'll be using you as my webhost. This thread can now be closed.
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    Looking for Webhost

    Hello, I'm looking for the following in a webhost -5 Gigabytes Space -50 Gigabytes Bandwidth -Offers Cpanel -5 Mysql Databases -Reliability (must present proof) -Host must be located in U.S.A or Canada -Offer payment via Paypal -Cost must be less then 11$ USD. Also the host must...
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    CPA programs

    I was wondering if anyone had a list of Cost per Action Advertisement programs?
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    WidgetBucks Legit?

    You sure about that? I signed up at the widgetbucks site and my account got denied because apparently I had invalid details ( I double checked to make sure things I entered were right!) and the account has been suspended after they denied it so I can't try to reapply. I submitted a support...
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    WidgetBucks Legit?

    I was wondering if Widgetbucks is legit and really pays? just by Doing a bit of searching about it on google you will find that some people haven't been paid and there is claims that it is a scam. I want to know, is it?
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    CPM advertising

    Close to that? Not sure but you might want to try tribalfusion. As far as reputation goes they apparently are the biggest cpm based advertising system.
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    Possibly looking for a VPS

    Hello, I'm a 17 Year old student that might be looking for VPS Hosting Pretty soon because of current host problems. Requirements: 250+ Gigabytes of Bandwidth 3+ Gigabytes of Webspace Cpanel 8+ Mysql Databases (I've got a lot of features for my site like memberscript, forum, topsite, gallery...
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    How does Page Rank Work and Questions?

    well to be honest I understand how the higher quality of links you have to your site the better it is ranked. But I personally have a few questions. If I get a bunch of pr2 or pr3 links to my site is it possible for me to get a pr4 even though the links are lower ranking then a pr4?Sorta like...
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    I am rejected from Adsense

    I got accepted and all i had was a forum and a portal... maybe the portal made them change there mind?
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    clicksor = suck

    you won't get any money unlisted80 if you have your cpc too high. because no advertisements will display at all. I personally thing that 2.500 is too high itself. your better off just to set it and keep it minimum you can get so it displays all the ads they have.
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    Google adsense or Clicksor

    I've personally found clicksor better. Mainly because there Inline Text Link ads. my click rate on clicksor went from a adverage of 1-2 a day from a site with 400 unique visitor to 10-20 clicks a day. It took forever for my site to get on the active list instead of trial.
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    Phpmyadmin Backup installation help!

    ok here is my problem... I just recently bought new webhosting and I'm trying to move the server mysql databases from one server too another. the problem is every attempt i do too move the database fails. Does anyone have a tutorial on how too install a Mysql database backup on a new server?
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    @@ Free Hosting - 150MB Space/15GB Bandwidth @@

    you seem like the perfect host for me but my only questions are do you accept domains other then subdomains? Also how good are you for reliability? I've been too some hosts that offer good services like this but they haven't had alot of uptime for the hosting.