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    Mod Scam, Mods Please Update, Is This A Scam Or What?.

    That's true because Peo pays close to $1000/mth :-)
  2. Coight

    Rajhosting.com hosting?

    Thread closed, going to clean this one up and recommend some bans.
  3. Coight

    Looking For Host, High Space and Band Width

    If you can't respond and participate in a civil manner you will be banned. :shame:
  4. Coight

    uk based servers/hosts

    Anything specfically your looking for?
  5. Coight

    Looking for $2/month

    Thread closed, user has found his host.
  6. Coight

    Do not purchased on goodydomains.com

    Because this issue has turned into a slinging match between users which is not accepted here this thread is now closed. Now everyone go outside and get some fresh air
  7. Coight

    Yay or Nay

    It's a scam, if it's money order only it's a scam and especially if it's western union only.
  8. Coight

    Happy Birthday Robert

    Soon mate... you can check out my website for now http://www.russellcoight.com
  9. Coight

    A big webshost needed

    Because HDD manufactures use it, that's why when you buy an 80gb hdd you have 73gb to use.
  10. Coight


    slightly ot kayako is my recommendation.
  11. Coight

    A big webshost needed

    Actually in HDD terms 1000gb = 1tb not 1024gb
  12. Coight

    Happy Birthday Robert

    Amusing ain't it Dan :biggrin2:
  13. Coight

    Happy Birthday Robert

    In the moderators lounge :P
  14. Coight

    Happy Birthday Robert

  15. Coight

    10Gb Hosting Needed ASAP

    Closed user found his host :knockedou