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    cPanel Hosting @ $1/month

    Been offering Non-oversold cPanel based Hosting with Fantastico and Softaculous for almost 3 years now . cP1: Space: 1gb Bandwidth: 5gb Features: 5 of all Price: $1/month or $11/year cP2: Space: 3gb Bandwidth: 15gb Features: 15 of all Price: $2/month or $22/year cP3: Space: 5gb...
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    Please suggest some ad networks

    @Madihrb , I think you misunderstood . I'm looking to place ads on a site , not advertise the site elsewhere . But thanks for atleast trying to answer .
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    Please suggest some ad networks

    Hi , I'm looking for information on some good ad network that pays via liberty reserve , alertpay or paypal . The site is an adult site(can post link if you want) has been up for 5 days yet . Has had over 2500 uniques over the time and over 21000 hits as per awstats most coming from U.S.A. ...
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    $8/month DirectAdmin vps

    Presenting a limited edition DirectAdmin vps at just $8/month . Usually , a DA license costs $10 by itself with me , but for this special $8 includes license as well as the vps . The vps' run on powerful servers of Hostrail colocated at Limestonenetworks . Availability is limited , ~50 of...
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    How to convert HTML to WordPress ??

    @fcolor , link dead . But +1 for the effort...
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    Looking for two VPS

    I'd start the offers flurry. $5 + paypal charges for you for the xen vps .
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    Request: Free cPanel Hosting Site!

    @Hackevo , I'll repeat myself , I will not host any illegal material , including torrent files or even links to such content . I'm still assuming you're only going to discuss in-game tricks and cheat codes and nothing beyond that . If you host anything that breaks my Terms of Service , I'll be...
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    hosting with adult content allowed

    If you have decided to be hosted with me , you can either pm me your domain name , country of residence , email address and other details if you think necessary . If you can't yet pm , please use this form to get to me: http://www.numbhost.com/contact Best Regards, Aloy
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    Request: Free cPanel Hosting Site!

    By game hacks , I took it to mean cheat codes . These are codes in games people use when they can't win :lol: If what I believe you mean by game hacks is correct , then my offer is still open with my original terms . The choice remains yours . Best Regards, Aloy
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    hosting with adult content allowed

    I could offer you 500mb of space and 5gb of traffic on cpanel a server . In return , I'd place an ad banner on your website within the 200px width limit. Your own ads are also allowed . If this is okay with you , let me know . Best Regards, Aloy
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    Nokia E71 email issues

    I guess you're talking about the default email client . That can retrieve upto 30 emails at a time . So it's not your phone that's acting wierd , Nokia set it to be so . Take my advice , buy ProfiMail from LCG , you will not regret your decision . It's got a 30 day trial , you can see if...
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    i want buy a servers and need 253ips

    But even if you can afford that , you will still be required to give a justification for the same...
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    Request: Free cPanel Hosting Site!

    I understand . Good luck in your search .
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    i want buy a servers and need 253ips

    Why do you need So Many IP addresses ? Even if you do , your budget should be in the range of $xxx , you'd also need to give justification for each ip address you take .
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    What is wrong with my code?

    You forgot to take the '//' out before the 'die(offline...' statement . That's why it won't die imho...