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So, I got ripped off on Ebay


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I get this awesome deal of a laptop for only $1500 AU, and man... six months later, the video card totally craps out on me, the laptop is essentially DEAD. I am so unhappy, and also so poor becauseI only get 10 hours work a week at the moment.

Ever been ripped off on ebay?

Ive had fine experiences for the past five years, except for this one exception.


Was it new or was it used?

I guess things could have been worse... What if the seller took the money and ran.

But I know what you mean about the financial limitations, and I'd be unhappy as well


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It was used, but virtually brand new. It also had a lot more power than most machines the stores sell, too. It even looked like it came straight from a store! Kept me busy for 6 months though, I guess.

I am so strapped for cash right now, haha, no use complaining though. Ill come up with some devious scheme to make a few bucks.


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Why not try selling it back on ebay? Someone can fix it or fix it yourself depending on the chipset and the video card.


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How did you get ripped? all people know that you should'nt buy used goods unless they have a guarantee.


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Give him negative response.. and allways chaek what pepeol have rote on the person before buying..

my freind got ripped off.. what that was just a little toy car..
Man i feel bad for you.. mustr really suck..


tandoc tandoc
... if you still don't want it, i'll take it off your hands.. just gotta get me some money... ;__;


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Hmmm once i got this base unit for £80, it seemed like a good spec for the price, 2 ghz 512 rma and 1 40 gig arddrive.
I get it and everythings fine, but i think that things are running a bit slow on it, so i check it out, and it turned out it was only 2 1 ghz cpu's!
Still not that bad for the price, came with a new wireless keyboard and mouse to.



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don't judge the seller caus the video card died.
in my opinion you were not screwd/ripped/scammed

you paid, he delivered,
and it broke half a year later. stuff happens


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I have had one bad experiance on ebay, a buncha good ones though:
Bought a 300 gb hard drive 100 bucks
Worked fine for a week..then failed and started clicking....contacted support and it was faulty :(


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No one can say how long something will last.
If it works when you get it then no comeback.
If you still have it covered by it's guarentee (that may have been worth checking Toefur to see if the person still had the details of purchase date and such.
The one case mentioned so far is what bmwboy mentions - HDD's can suffer head crashes (the actuator leaves the platter) on random occassions leading to a complete failure so it might be that seller seen it comming.


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I wouldn't call that a bad experience. Anything can happen in 6 months, no way the seller could have predicted it or be held liable.

Any bad experience I've had was covered up by PayPal's buyer protection, IE if seller doesn't deliver, every penny is returned. I've yet to have a bad experience buying or selling on eBay.