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Shoutcast server question

Discussion in 'Dedicated hosting discussions' started by Richard, Jul 14, 2006.

  1. Richard

    Richard CRM Consultant Premium Member

    Hey everyone,

    I just got this email from HD (HostingDepartment.net) and I am just wondering if there is any truth to the matter.

    But what if the music is your own? Do you still need a license? And are HD alowed to suspend your shoutcast if you don't provide one because you are only streaming your own music? What if your not streaming music at all? And it's a chat show?
  2. serverorigin

    serverorigin ServerOrigin.Com NLC

    I am honestly unsure of what license he is speaking of. Doing a search for Shoutcast License/licensing doesn't really provide anything.

    Wish I could help more, but we don't deal in Shoutcast services.
  3. Dini

    Dini Blitzkrieg Bopin' NLC

    I've heard about this, it may not be a lie. I have several clients buying licences because of this "rumor". I haven't heard nothing official yet, so I can't suspend any account over this
  4. Bruce

    Bruce Well-Known Member NLC

    You'd have to take that one up with them. I d on't see why you'd need a "license" to stream your own original content though.
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2006
  5. Eclouds

    Eclouds Marketing Guru NLC

    Yes I have heard about it also, you need to get one from a company like loudcity.net
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2006
  6. Craig

    Craig Lifes Good NLC


    This is true, streaming music without a license is an offence, you have to pay royalties to the artists, its the same with radio stations (FM, AM etc etc, key 103 etc etc lol). This can cost though, the cheapest provider is: http://www.loudcity.net.

    *Most* of HD Shoutcast clients don't have a license, same with HDs shoutcast clients, now we require them *BY LAW*, this keeps us protected & also the client to operate a legal radio station. We wont accept any shoutcast order (s) that don't have a license to stream.

    @Bruce, that is fine, a new email was sent about that, the above email was regards to a policy change mainly which was sent to all clients as we have to let clients know if we change our terms.

    @HS, we had to suspend to find which streams were the chat shows, which was the stations that played there own music, once they had been filtered they were back online, we are still reviewing some streams though. Basically this started when a record company contacted us regards to one of our clients, I cant post detail on this due to privacy reasons but we acted & this is the result.
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2006
  7. I have not had to deal with this because I do not offer shoutcast servers. But I am curious what country or countries have this law?
  8. Bruce

    Bruce Well-Known Member NLC

    Any non-Third World countries (for lack of a better term) have some form of this law.

    I can't speak for the UK, but I know in the US the current royalty fee rate is ~7 cents per-song/per-listener.
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2006
  9. Dini

    Dini Blitzkrieg Bopin' NLC

    Excuse me, I'm in a "Third World" Country and we have laws that punish Online Radios with no licence. I had a friend to had to buy a licence for his readio because of this law.

    We're not that retarded :tired2:
  10. Bruce

    Bruce Well-Known Member NLC

    Like I said, "for lack of a better term". If you have a better term you're more than welcome to share it. :p

    It's not a fact that this is true for all[i/] Third World countries, but most are not nearly as strict when it comes to piracy/copyright laws and such.
  11. Dini

    Dini Blitzkrieg Bopin' NLC

    Well, I think that's a very strong argument for someone that doesn't live in a Third World Country (I think). I've seen people selling pirate CDs, DVDs, Toys, etc. being arrested hundreds of times. I think that most of this countries are making the attempt to stop piracy, but that is not shown in statistics and in the news.
  12. Richard

    Richard CRM Consultant Premium Member

    Well; I am unaware of any UK laws. It would be nice to get Craigs responce on the matter.

    On the US law; are there any fee's or license involved if it's only a chat show or the music is your own?
  13. Bruce

    Bruce Well-Known Member NLC

    No. If it's your own content you're free to do with it as you like.

    A license would only apply if you intend to play any commerically available music.
  14. Richard

    Richard CRM Consultant Premium Member

    So why the hell have they suspended EVERY shoutcast account...?
  15. Craig

    Craig Lifes Good NLC

    If you read my reply ^^ you will understand, that question has already been answered.
  16. bryceton

    bryceton New Member

    I assume hosting department will be sending a refund for this months hosting for every account that they cancel, else I mayself would believe it to be border line scam.

    note: I have interest in this thread myself do to reselling for them for shoutcast.

    Even if there terms say no refunds whos to say they wont change the terms tomorrow for shared/resellers accounts to supply a valid credit card or something to order and rest are deleted and keep all the profit.

    Maybe I read it wrong but I seem to recall hdshoutcast.com advertising no licence was needed.

    This was there mistake not there clients mistake.
  17. Craig

    Craig Lifes Good NLC


    How is this a scam, you need a license anywayif your streaming copyrighted music, law requires this.

    We NEVER stated that a license isnt needed to stream.

    If you want to use our service you need a license unless its your own music or talkshow, if not you need a license otherwise its not a legal station. As you are a reseller its up to you to contact your clients to find this out, 95% of our shoutcast clients have provided this as they understand our service is good & there willing to pay to go legal to continue.

    Some refunds will be issued depending on when the stream was setup, otherwise as stated, no refunds.
  18. Eclouds

    Eclouds Marketing Guru NLC

    It is definitely not a scam, I won't add anything other than what Craig said ^^
  19. serverorigin

    serverorigin ServerOrigin.Com NLC

    HostingDepartment -- as with any host I'm sure would much rather see the clients getting licensed so that they will continue their subscriptions. Otherwise, do you think they make money with a bunch of suspended accounts? Put a little thought into it before screaming scam.
  20. Richard

    Richard CRM Consultant Premium Member

    Yes. All clients paid for the month, and hostingdepartment got payment for the whole month.

    But not to worry; This has been sorted now.

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