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Review my design


New Member

i hate reviewing wonderfully well-done sites, it makes it so hard! but, luckily, i found something i don't like: the colors. wait, lemme rephrase, i LOVE the colors, but u need to use them more. you have those two contrasting blues in the face, so use 'em! instead of that dark grey, use the lighter blue (or maybe even lighter than that) from the face, add a highlight color to the links and to the "grinster.net" text in the logo, maybe a little shadow or "glow" effect behind the text with the orangish-strip color would be sweet *grins* (haha!, i crack myself up... u get it? no, well, uh.. *looks around nervously* umm.. it's a...a pun...)


Doctor Hexagon
Well, I don't like the scrollbar. That whole side of the page is white, so making the scrollbar white too is...boring. Al least give it and outline.


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oh, didn't even notice the scrollbar... eww.. no, i hate colored scrollbars in general-- they should be left alone.. next thing u know people will be changing my resolution to fit their needs!


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I hate blog sites...

Either way, its quite a nice design - the colours aren't really to my taste though...

A couple of problems.

1) The scrollbar. Eww.

2) When viewed at high screen res, the right hand side of the page looks far too empty.

I also dislike the gray/white/gray/white idea. Too repetitive. Oh, and did I mention that blog sites suck?

- Aquatix :)


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Hmmm... I forgot all about this thread. :D

quiller, I'm planning to use the colors instead of the grey also, the page looks a little dull now.

About the scrollbar, I made it white because I didn't like the default grey. Hey, at least I didn't make it colorful and stuff, it's still nice and simple right? :p

As for the high res. thingy, since most people are using either 800x600 or 1024x768 (which is what I'm using), I decided to create a design that favors them. What can I add on the right hand side anyway?

Thanks for all your comments. :)

Blog sites suck but I wanted to make my site simple, sort of like a personal homepage. :D
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sounds good, make sure to post here when u get everything how you want it :) nice sites deserve visitors!