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ProScript.Org - Start Your Own Free PTC Site Right Now

Discussion in 'Free web hosting offers' started by aghotbi, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. aghotbi

    aghotbi New Member


    Ever imagined running your own PTC website for FREE?

    Well, the guys at proScript have made it possible in three steps.

    Create PTC -> Customize It -> Complete It!​

    Using top technology, our innovation powers thousands of PTC websites across the internet. Run your own PTC or simply check it out, and to make it more real you can purchase addons which cost cheaper than a PTC script commercially!

    Our script was designed by us, using custom technology we can power millions of PTC with a server cheaper than house rent!

    We have many reasons to choose us from other sites. Here's some.

    . Super speedy. Don't worry, we take a complete opposite approach from other hosters because when we upgrade our server, your upgraded too.

    Secure. Our script is extremely secure (Probably the most securest you'll find) We have some masters developers to update the script anytime of the day.

    Simple. We use easy Web 2.0 development so you can always fit into new environments when you feel like it, All in one click.

    Reliable. You'll always be secure by us and by our script. You won't have to be troubled about a poor site again.

    Popular. We're all over websites and search engines, And as we grow people will share the successful services we provide.

    Effortless. We release new versions, even those hosted by us. And if you want to upgrade, you can with a click in your admin panel.

    If you need addons to your PTC website we can offer many things such as Domains, Custom Service, vBulletin Integration, SSL Certificates and More Capabilities.
  2. JonnyH

    JonnyH The Hosting Tool NLC

    Not once you didn't explain what PTC is. I'm interested into what it is.
    Can you explain?
  3. david432111

    david432111 Member

    It stands for "Paid to Click".
  4. JonnyH

    JonnyH The Hosting Tool NLC

    Oh fair enough.
  5. TSO

    TSO freezoka.ws NLC

    Now, how does the person running the PTC make money off of this? I know the users get paid for clicking, so does the owner of the PTC site earn a percentage of that, too?
  6. david432111

    david432111 Member

    Advertisers pay the site have there ads shown and when users click they earn money.
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2008
  7. labyrinth

    labyrinth New Member

    whoa thanks for free ptc scripts, I've curious where did they install it from? moslty I didn't see link back so I don't know which ptc script they get it from or mostly are paid software?

    btw do you have screenshot how ptc web template look like? mostly I see two type of it.

    ps. oh you didn't only given out ptcs scripts but also "ptc hosting" XD nice unique idea.
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2008
  8. TSO

    TSO freezoka.ws NLC

    I will signup then. Thanks! :)
  9. gerbrandpetersen

    gerbrandpetersen New Member


    Found a site called BuxHost. They offer their all-in-once solution for starting your own PTC business that includes the PTC script, domain registration, hosting and technical support. Seems to be legit to me, although I have no experience with it.

    Website: www.buxhost.com


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