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Need hosting account for animedaisuki.co.cc


New Member
Recently I made a new anime fans community site and after 14 days it was a success. I have to jump on another server as the 1st one didn't use cPanel. I got free account with 1sthoster but the java script unescape code placed on every page is interfering with the the forum posting especially when user quote a post.

I need cPanel hosting. I know most of free host use either vista panel or custom panel but I prefer if you could offer me cPanel. Below is my other requirement.

1GB disk space or more - (actually 500 mb is enuff)
50-100GB bandwidth - (the larger u can offer the better so far i used around 3GB perweek)
Zend Optimzer
MYSQL - (maybe i need a few or unlimited i used 3 so far)
allow_url_fopen Enable - (this is for RSS to Post)
.htaccess Enable - (for mod rewrite)

If you have a good offer for me let me know your hosting spec. I dont mind having a link back on the footer of the forum. If possible please make is no ads offer but if you have ads supported I prefer a code which I can place it on my own.

Thank you for your time reading this.


Well... i don't think anybody will host you (at least for free :p) because the website has illegal linking or content.

On the other hand, i liked the *pop* sound that the shoutbox makes when there's a new message :)


It gets better.


Cross Industries
No major problems with it here in the US. Most DCs allow linking to it. But, there are sometimes problems with it. Some people like to take it into their own hands as their own content. If you don't give proper credits it becomes legal problems.

Cross Industries can offer you the following:
+ Standard +
+ 1024Mb Disk Space
+ 60Gb Bandwidth
+ 500 Features
++ 25 Posts per month; 9 required for signup

Request Here

*Includes cPanel
**Personal details needed for security purposes


You can link to movies on YouTube, you can embed them on your site. No difference there.
It's still called Illegal Linking. As it is linking to sites hosting the movie. Can i use your above example to link rapidshare files, then? Nope.

Well.... not gonna discuss this, as it would be offtopic :p


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Thanks for the reply Schmarvin,

I saw this on one of the package:

8Gb Disk Space
100Gb Bandwidth
1000 Features


Doest that require a me to post?


Cross Industries
Hi, SiteFrost.com can host you.


For 10 posts/month, I can give you plan B:
1 GB Space/10 GB BW/10x Features

Visit SiteFrost.com to signup.
Visit this page for plan details & more plans: http://sitefrost.com/pages.php?page=hostingplans.
Visit this page for server information: http://sitefrost.com/showthread.php?tid=416.

See you in SiteFrost!

Secret, don't copy-and-paste offers. Apparently you didn't read his request. He needs at least 50Gb of bandwidth. 10 is nowhere near 50. And sorry if my comment downsized you or was rude. But, per the rules, your required to post an offer in range of the OP's request.