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Man, I love ignorant people


Wo ist mein handy
Interesting conversation I had with someone on my AIM list. I randomly sign into this account, and when I have it on, I am guaranteed to get a link from this guy within the day. It's been going on for a few months. It's the typical MSN/AIM virus that most people get and delete once their friends tell them that they keep sending messages to them.

If I'm wrong, feel free to correct me, but I'm pretty sure I had this one pegged. Always interesting to see what people think they know. Names are censored to protect the user.

Bold is our friend, the skeptic. Don't click on the link...

8:55 PM
fix your virus
9:48 PM
impa---- is now online.
9:56 PM
you keep sending me http://friendfacts.implayin.com/i/impa----/realutcrazy
I do not have a virus.. nor sending it.. it could be spam rather then me sending it..
it's an msn virus that sends it out, thats all it does is send messages
you wouldn't see it yourself obviously
but whatever, going to remove you, but others will get it too

right not coming from me.. it is someone spamming not me directly nor is it coming from my computer.
it certainly is, but believe what you want
most virus scans don't pick it up, but I would look into it
could be a backdoor of sorts
I think I know what I am talking about LOL it is not coming from me LOL
dude I am 100% sure.. you know why.. my system I am on is NEW.. brand new.. laptop, OS etc.
but you can believe what you want.
Fair enough, doesn't matter what year the system is
this has been a funny conversation, interesting how ignorant people can be, I'm going to post it on a forum and see what people think
LOL I didn't say year.. I say brand new.. like pretty much turned it on.. installed my IM (trillan) and logged in.
been getting it from you when I login here every few months
spam.. not virus..
I get crap all the time.
it is what it is crap.

coming from just you?
not from me directly
and the link itself makes you obtain said virus
ever receive an email from someone else's name and email addresss.. same thing.
that makes your msn send the same message to your friends, it's a nice coincidence
MSN doesn't work that way
you can't relate it to spam emails in that regard
k guess you haven't heard about the issues with HOTMAIL have you?
you can't spoof an MSN account
to send IM's or the like
hah, not clicking a link from you
http://www.raymond.cc/blog/archives/2008/01/10/how-to-send-anonymous-msn-messages/ -- this one will tell you how to spoof MSN accounts.
read don't read.. but once again I think I know what I am talking about.

well, I don't know why I said MSN as this is AIM
take your pick.
it doesn't matter!

in any event, it's an interesting virus
the site does a lot of online commenting to make it seem as if it's a decent site
Worm targets AIM users with bogus URL
If your IM buddy is sending you a photo link through AOL Instant Messenger, you better check with them to make sure they really sent it. A new worm is spreading through AIM using spoofed addresses.
but once you give them your details or click on the link as I'm sure you did, the virus spreads

exactly, a worm
As businesses become more dependent on instant messaging, attackers are spending more time targeting it with malicious code. In a recent report, the IMlogic Threat Center said instant messaging exploits in the first three months of 2005 surged more than 270% over the same period last year.
something on your computer

I never thought you sent it yourself
right but not from my computer.
no what I am saying is it is NOT a virus or worm on my computer.
become knowledgable before -----ing at me.

I would say the same to you, kid, have a good one.

It's funny, he actually was quoting something regarding a worm that you obtain on your computer that would send messages from your IM without you knowing, and then said "no, not a worm"

Hope this was as interesting to you as it was for me. :D As always, don't click links on MSN without prior knowledge of what they are. I definitely had a bad experience a few years back when this was new, and I was still on Windows.

Cheers, FWS.

Edit: It would be ironic (and hilarious) if I was wrong on this and was the ignorant person, but I'd be curious what you guys think.
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It gets better.
"Something on your computer".

I giggled at that. Your own PC sending yourself a virus that you would already have to have making it redundant.


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meh... he's an idiot... It is a virus, a few of my friends got similar ones, I tell them, send them a link and they usually fix it right away.


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Just another retard who stubbornly thinks he's always right and he's the most knowledgeable person in the world, or at least in his "area of expertise".


Wait, What?
Seems to me like the kind of person who thinks they know literally everything about everything. I work with a few of those kind of people, it's a blast.


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Well I guess I should reply since I am the so called "idiot", "retard" and whatever other names you may want to throw at me.

Now before you throw those words out.. I would have hoped you read the whole thing and are knowledgable about what you are each talking about.

First and formost.. I am not a "kid" I am 34 years old and have been in the business a VERY LONG TIME.

Now to the lovely post above. If you read what I said I told him and now you.. the computer I am running is brand new, NEW OS, NEW HARDWARE. Only thing on it at that point was OS, IM and antivirus software.

Also I do not know everything.. Do I know alot.. yes.. but everything.. NAH.. Can't hold that much information :)

See posts below to prove that the company of that link sends "links" to friends. I am not sure who they are and don't care-- at this point.

This is James from IM Playin.

Send an IM to "implayinsupport" and we can help you. We try to make it clear on the site that we send IMs to your friends when you answer questions about them, but we don't always do a good job.

We need your SN to delete your account.
Full thread if you wish to read: http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/vbz/showthread.php?t=112339

Another two link(it is an question / answer post):

This is James and I helped build IMPlayin.com.

That website is absolutely not a virus.

FF is short for "Friend Facts" and it's a little game we built. We didn't want it to be too mean, but the idea is that your friends answer "yes" or "no" questions about you and then you have to come to the site to see what they said.

You got an invitation because one of your friends answered a question about you. If you log into the site you can see what question they answered but not the answer.

To reveal the answer you have to pay credits, which you can earn either by answering questions about your friends or completing some free offers.

If you vote for your friends WE WILL SEND AN IM TO THEM. We are not trying to hide this!

If you don't want to send an IM to your friends don't answer any questions about them.
Again the retards, ignorant people are the ones that support utcrazy's post and saying he is right.

I have no virus, no worm, NOTHING!

Read and investigate before bashing the "other user"(me) before you look stupid in your posts!

i have contacted this company to further investigate the issue.

Thank you,


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Dynash.. again did you read what I typed or not. cause your only showing your ignorance in your posts.



It gets better.
They are still coming from you though. That's what he was saying. They still have to come through your computer to reach his.


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NO .. obiviously you are NOT reading what I have replied with.

The site is sending them out. Via "a persons" friend list. THEY SEND OUT THE LINK!

I assume I have been to the site and logged into answer a question from a friend.. or something.. don't remember.

he also believes you can't spoof MSN , AIM and other IM accounts-- which is NOT true at all.

maybe I should highlight again what this guy has said. just in case you missed it:
If you vote for your friends WE WILL SEND AN IM TO THEM. We are not trying to hide this!

If you don't want to send an IM to your friends don't answer any questions about them.



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well i am not sure how they received my friend list. that is what I am investigating. as I mentioned above. Maybe I went to their site.. don't know and don't care as long as they don't send IM's on my behalf.

Note no other friends are recieving these links-- as I have confirmed with my list.

The arguement above is that I have a virus - that isn't the case.

The system that this person has, if you login play a game or answer a friend's question they will send "your friends" a question as well.

The arguement that I am ignorant and stupid and a retard is very much false!

As I said I don't know everything.. but I surely have proved here that I don't have a virus and what is being sent is not one.

Have a great day.

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It's obvious the website Adam posted is sending the links to his friends list on MSN. So, in theory, Adam is not sending them. At least, not to his knowledge or intended belief.
UT, are you positive the links contain viruses? If so, how do you know?


It gets better.
He knows that website is sending them because he posted evidence of it. But I'm going to go with the website having zero Privacy Policy and zero Terms of Service as a sign it's something fishy.

Either way there's a reason why that site is reported as being dodgey. There have been many sites before this one targeting MSN - to "find out who has blocked you" or "who has you on their friends list?" - they have the exact same. http://imstalk.implayin.com/

Perhaps that specific "game" doesn't download anything to your computer that is virus-like, it's still doing something.


Wo ist mein handy
FYI I didn't mean to come across as "hey look at this dumb guy" Ignorance is what it is, the lack of knowledge. The posts you link to that claim legitimacy, are in fact, a bot. Every message that someone posts about the site in question, gets a nice automated reply to make it seem as if it is not a virus. A little research into it would show this.

I don't think you're a kid, it's just how I talk. I agree I dropped the ball on not being able to spoof MSN, I didn't know that was possible. I am still not sure if it is aside from hijacking someone's account.


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The agreement is that utcrazy said I have a virus on my computer. This is very much false.

I don't remember going to the site. Maybe one of my friends ages ago sent me a question from there. I do not play games on the internet, so I don't think that it is.

You called me ignorant others called me retarded. LOL Neither what I am.. Well ignorant on some issues yes.. this one nah. :)

Jan : Yes..