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Google Chrome Operating System!


New Member
Hello all,
Do you know about Google chrome OS. Have you try this?
Is this is better than Microsoft Windows 7?
ChromeOS is a small OS, it isn't a conventional OS so no, it won't beat Windows 7 - only other Linux based small-footprint OS' like Linux Mint etc.
i have tried many of its builds on vmware and it SUX.............its going to be a SUPERFLOP......and thats y they r giving away free laptops loaded with this ......
Haven't tried this yet but its going to be hard to beat windows 7 IMO :)

You mean Mac OS. ;)

But @ OP, in all seriousness, I don't think Google intends for Chrome OS to compete with Windows. It represents a very different direction in operating requirements and will likely appeal (at least in the first few years, if it lasts that long) to non-typical enterprise users.
It would be hard to compare it to W7, because they build on different concepts. Chrome OS is just like a webbrowser, and Windows 7 is a solid, normal OS. But sure, it's a really interesting concept:)
M continuously using Chrome for my day to day work..Its Extensions are too good and its property to assign each tab a single process make it faster than any other browser..
Comparing Google Chrome OS with Windows 7 is apples and oranges.

Google Chrome OS is basically Google Chrome, and that's it. It's perfect if your life is on the cloud - all your photos, documents, etc etc - and you don't use any programs that aren't web-based (although admittedly web apps are starting to give most desktop apps a run for their money, like grooveshark, atrium, etc etc) .

But if you want to save your files to your hard drive, have a music collection, a catalogue of movies, or install any program then it's not possible to use it as your primary OS. Great for a laptop perhaps.
Chrome OS is not yet ready to take over the role of main desktop OS yet.
web based office suites is still having very limited features.
as we all know, most ppl not using the desktop/laptop for work only, there is still a lot ppl addicted to torrenting, especially torrenting distros
I don't have used this Google Chrome OS but heard about that its good and can compete with Windows 7.
I have been playing around with Chrome OS now for awhile, seems to be very stable. But will wait for it to come out of beta before I use it as a every day system.
Google Chrome is very interesting and fast operating system
it is then have some problem but future is very bright Google Chrome.