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Free Hosting For New Webmaster

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Greetings All,

Please take the time to read this and not just spam your services, I have been through most of the posts on this forum in all catagories and know what companies are available and read most of their TOS/FAQ if was available on their main url.

My name is John and I am a new webmaster looking for help in the area of hosting a website.

The current site I am working on http://www.freeandcheapstuff4u.com and is NOT complete because of a design change and the current host does not allow php on their free account. The new design I want to use http://www.nuke-evolution.com/index.php as it has all the features that I am looking for pre-built into it.

Needs from the host is:
Being Honest and Stable is top priority

Top Level Domain Hosting, don't need a subdomain.

Disk Space: 100mb minimum, nuke-evolution is approx. 50mb for the basic install without adding site content. (more space may be needed for forum database, as I said I am new at this and your help as hosting provider will be greatly appreciated in this matter)

Bandwidth: This is another area I am not totally sure about, have talked to another Freebie site webmaster and if he was upfront with his stats his site receives between 5000 and 7000 unique page views perday. How these views are counted not sure looked at a few webcounters and some have the option of making a unique visit 30 minutes to 24 hours from the time someone first came on the site.

The ability to send mass email to registered forum users in the form of a daily newsletter. I will NOT spam anyone, all emails will be to those that choose to receive this newsletter and can unsubscribe at anytime they choose.

The ability to use my own google adsense.

No Forced Forum Posting, I already plan on being active in forums just don't want the stipulation to post or site gets deleted, suspended etc.

What you get from me:
First you get my appreciation from a serious hard working, honest single dad of 3 sons.

Your banner and/or text links will be viewable on every content page just look at my current site and you can see I included link backs to the current host and they do not require it. All I ask in placeing your banner or text links is the abilty to add it into the sites overall design to make it fit and look good, not a forced ad at the top that throws the sites look off.

I am in this for the long haul and plan on keeping a kid safe, legal content filled site that is updated daily. As the site becomes more popular and starts to make money I will upgrade to a paid version of your host and leave it as is as far as banner and link backs.

Why don't I just get paid hosting ?
Well to be honest can't afford it at the moment. As much as I'd like to have 100% free control over my own domain I believe that we can come up with a plan that is beneficial to both.

Why don't I just search for another free webhost that has no restrictions?
Came across this forum the other day and like the idea of requesting a webhost in that a more personable relationship will be formed and not just another everydayuser@whateverhost

Am I looking to get rich off this venture?
No, but would like to make enough money to pay for my internet cable, future paid hosting bills and maybe help pay another bill or 2 around the house.

Thanks for your time in reading this, hope you haven't been to bored. Look forward to host offers if this seems to be an equitable proposal.

Have a great day.


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I think your project sounds very promising and generally good. You have a good goal and your forsight is not too far fetched. I would be willing to talk about hosting your site if you can provide a little more detail about the kind of site you want to build, specifically the benefit of using php nuke type scripts. We find them to be a bit debilitating actually and I would like to know if you actually have programming knowledge to counter-act the un-editable styles php nuke presents? At any rate, feel free to e-mail syncedhosting@gmail.com. We are in the midst of a security check on our servers so that is why I am referring you to the g-mail account. You are welcome to email admin@synced.org if it makes you feel better. We can talk more via e-mail.

I represent Synced.org. We have been in business for over a year and a half to 2 years in the free hosting industry and over 4 years in the paid hosting industry. We operate small, private, yet powerful servers through name a name brand uplink (LayeredTech) and we only (at this time) host promising projects. Our most basic package at this time comes equipped with 250MB of space and 15GB of transfer.

Let me know if you would like to learn more. This is not a copy and paste response to your post and sure enough if you look at other requests I do not respond to everyone like some hosts do. Maybe we will talk soon, have a good day.


Spartan Erik

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x10hosting.com offers free plans with up to 2.5 GB of space and 45 GB of bandwidth!

cPanel comes with up to:
5 MySQL databases
3 Addon domains
3 Parked domains
10 Sub domains
5 FTP accounts
15 Email accounts
15 Email lists

No post for hosting! Fast activation!
Active forum community with support!

Sites must be in either English, Spanish, or French!
Warez/adult content is prohibited!

Follow the x10hosting.com Signup Process to guarantee your hosting account creation!

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or search/post a thread in the x10hosting.com Forums!

Jun Luzon

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I've seen you joined the Free Hosts Alliance forum. At times I am not busy I may be able to help you. But I think it would be much better if I just recommend you to one of the allies that will take good care of your needs. Please send me a pm there if you want me to.

You may also visit http://finespot.net and see if you will like the atmosphere especially of our own small community, http://finespot.net/english/index.php.


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You might be interested in our offer. We have read your requirements and are confident we can meet those needs. Please review our current offer if you havent already secured a new host.

Free Hosting Offer


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:: Starter Plan ::
150 MB of free Space
7500 MB of free Bandwidth
CPanel 10.9
15 Email account
15 FTP account
15 Mysql Databases
5 mail list
5 subdomain
PHP , Perl , SSL
Custom error pages
Front page Extension supported
Google Ads !!

:: Premiun Plan ::
250 MB of free Space
10500 MB of free Bandwidth
CPanel 10.9
25 Email account
25 FTP account
25 Mysql Databases
10 mail list
10 subdomain
PHP , Perl , SSL
Custom error pages
Front page Extension supported
Google Ads !!

More info

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