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customer notification

Discussion in 'Host Talk' started by b2netsolutions, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. b2netsolutions

    b2netsolutions New Member

    Do you always inform your customers about troubles on the server?
  2. wswd

    wswd Premium Premium Member

    Why wouldn't you? The best practice is always to keep your clients in the loop. If there are server issues, there is no reason not to let them know.
  3. koddos

    koddos New Member

    It's better to inform the clients about the troubles on the server otherwise they may think you provide bad service.
  4. CS Squad

    CS Squad cs-squad.net NLC

    But then again, a lot clients ignore those notification and when the server is down for maintenance, they will F you up and down in the ticket...
    But anyway, as long as we inform them before with bring down the server for maintenance, there is nothing much for them to argue about anymore.
  5. SonalAher

    SonalAher Member

    Sharing such information with your clients always creates good impression and builds better relationship between clients and service provider.
  6. dedideals

    dedideals New Member

    We generally do, but we also have a tracker within the site for people to check!

    This saves us spamming and a huge amount of tickets :)
  7. b2netsolutions

    b2netsolutions New Member

    Thanks for your input, dudes.
    It seems to me any decent hosting provider has to inform their customers about possible downtime.
  8. WL-Michael

    WL-Michael -Team WebLyte- NLC

    Absolutely, it's either that or they find out on their own. I'd rather be the one letting them know first and that everything is under control. This is definitely a must.
  9. Webcs-Peter

    Webcs-Peter Member

    Any decent company must inform their customers about the troubles on the server.
  10. 1paket

    1paket New Member

    I guess it's better to inform your customers about the troubles on the server if you are interested in providing quality hosting services.
  11. Santrex_

    Santrex_ New Member

    I think it's important to notify your customers about possible downtime.
  12. coreyman

    coreyman New Member

    We didn't notify our customers at one point and they got really mad - so we notify them as soon as possible now.
  13. GridVirt

    GridVirt New Member

    Of course.
  14. Webcs-Peter

    Webcs-Peter Member

    In any case if the company is respectable, it takes care of their rep.
  15. nosupporthost

    nosupporthost New Member

    It does not inspire confidence When a host is not upfront about its difficulties.

    Anyhow it is also all the more reason more hosts ought to have Facebook and Twitter accounts - so that their users will still be kept informed should the worst happen (server down, website down, email down etc)

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