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Chrome or Opera?

+1 for chrome.

I find after leaving firefox on for about 5-6 hours it starts to eat ram up like there is no tomorrow.

So that's why I vote for the fantastic Chrome.
The interesting thing about Opera is that they put so many features so for release all the vulnerabilities are exposed at the same speed :D.

Its best to advertise the 'Security' in Opera, just until they improve it...

To avoid having to open any malicious email, the trick is to append an image svgcon HTML embedded as XML (works on all mails). The SVG will have an input with too many <html:input pattern="(zz*)+x" value="zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"/>

After a while jumps to an area uninitialized (and if you make a heap spray you win). 10.53 FTW

Well, this does not work in versions < 10.53, but don't fear, another memory corruption of Opera, which claims to be exploit...
var style="font-family:courier;background:url('javascript:123');";

As Opera cares as much security, these bugs should be new... xD but both were published long ago in sla.ckers.

I'm thinking of propose Mario Heiderich we do a Month of Bugs for Opera, to see if Operers start becoming owned oftener :/

Kind regards!
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I think opera is best..because

It's the fastest!
It's the most innovative
It's an all-in-one solution for optimizing your web browsing experience
It's a trusted brand
It's utterly fun...
sarah[foxlass];1108502 said:
But flash runs on a netbook with a 1.4Ghz Celeron Processor, and 512mb of ram with XP. :classic2:

That's because you aren't also doing other things in your browser more than likely, like having flash ads open, other flash sites on while other flash sites are on, and more.

When I say 1.6 GHz single core, I mean Pentium M. Flash may run on the machine I tested with on 1.6 GHz, but it's horribly slow.
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