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Best Email Service ?


New Member
I need to have some email accounts rather than Gmail or Ymail as m bored with gmail and ymail email providers. Please tell me, Are there any email provider that provides the Best Email Service ?
Buy a domain name and setup your email under your own domain name if you aren't happy with the free providers.
The best email provider is to just do it yourself. If you already have at least a VPS and a domain name, this is a piece of cake to configure and well-documented online for several popular software options.
Not really sure how you can get bored of an email account, I use gmail and have for years, no problems so no need to change.
if you are asking about the best free email service then it has to be gmail. I am pretty sure that gmail will be the first choice of the majority of people who are looking to use a free email service.
Office 365. Its not free, but it certainly is the best!
The new update makes the web client look and act like the desktop client, truly a wonderful product!
How can you get bored of an email? Why not stick to your GMail or whatever and use IMAP in a desktop client?
Just have your emails send to an email client like mozilla thunderbird. Pretty easy to set up in gmail or hotmail. After you've set it up you don't have to look in gmail or hotmail anymore.
Well, if you want other than gmail or yahoo i would recommend Hotmail, sfs.com or blumail. I hope you find it better,...
I would recommend you to setup a email account with your registered hosting company. They provide you with best email and quality email service. You can also contact them if you are facing any issues with your email services.
If you do not want to use free email services provided by Google or Yahoo, then it would be better if you sign up for any basic shared hosting plan with web hosting company.
It's not free, but runbox.com is what I've been using for the past year or so. I used a special promotion and got the mini plan 2 years for $35 and use my domain name. I used to use Google for everything, but recently decided to go more privacy oriented. The service is hosted offshore in Norway, so it's not subject to USA wiretapping and the like.