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A simple (or not so simple) guide to requesting free webhosting

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I really like this little guide and I like to think that when I have posted requested in the past they have been well formatted and easy to understand. As well as detailing the technical requirements.

If I see a post that is in all caps then I don't read it let alone reply to. Same goes for idiots who request space by saying:
"I need help" or some such. Why would you bother helping a user like that? I certainly don't. But maybe I am just too harsh.

Need Hosting <grin>

Currently in need of hosting for GA Bulldogs.com, a site for the Georgia Bulldog fan. Simply a fan site for a university and it's athletic programs -- no porn, WareZ, etc. Am looking for a free host with at least:

  • 10-15 mb to start, but expandable as site grows.
  • 750mb-1gb bandwidth is plenty for now, but plan to add email and forums within a year which will likely boost the bandwidth requirement.
  • mySQL
  • php
  • true ftp capabilities
  • control panel
  • shopping cart capable
  • forums capable
  • .NET ok
  • a handful of free pop3 email accounts (eventually a few hundred to be sold as vanity accounts)
  • no adverts, but willing to place a non-rotating banner or text message on home page

Between work, 2 young kids, a band, and gathering material for the site, it's been tough looking at hosts.

The site is currently IE friendly as it has been quickly built in Word. In just over 2 weeks, Geocities tells me I have received over 463 unique page views, and the site is now getting 40+ unique hits a day. You can reach me at gabulldogs2000@yahoo.com.

If I've left anything out, I'm sure Lifeless & Co will let me know. :biggrin2:


GA Bulldog

Givin' the Dawg its bone.
Is there some kind of rule that we can get a post turned into a sticky after it gets 1000 reads or something?

Today Riverworld and I agreed to rename the LLH-Format to a more suitable name.

The format described in this guide will be known as:


Standard Hosting Request Format

Cheers everyone. :D
Remember everyone:

The aim of SHRF is to personalise contact with customers and companies; make sure you (as a user) communicate what you need from a host specifically; prevent anyone's time from being wasted from lack of information from the start.
No offence, but what I think your ideas of SHRF is quite childish.

Yes, the first post is good. But from your replies, it seems that you want to be popular and honoured.

And I don't see any purpose of SHRF. Who gives a damn what format is it in?

There no standard for hosting request formats.
Originally posted by trenzterra
Yes, the first post is good. But from your replies, it seems that you want to be popular and honoured.
It's what happens when something is developed... the first post is a product of the replies in some respects.

Originally posted by trenzterra
And I don't see any purpose of SHRF. Who gives a damn what format is it in?
No one's asking you to see a purpose in SHRF, but I know both me and LifelessHost care what format it's in - and for varies reasons as stated above.

If you don't like SHRF, then fine, don't use it - I don't make people post using it, but if they do, then I will take the time and effort to review the request, and then I will take the time and effort to consider giving them a free service that I have to pay for.
I've been reading a few request threads and have noticed many times that you've been directing many users to use that *format* when requesting for free space... is this a new rule then? Perhaps you could PM one of the moderators or administrators on this issue?

Also I think that format can be bit long-winded... not everyone may want to give a description or summary of what they exactly want... just my opinion... not everyone may want to write a request in the same way.
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Okay let me give my take on this.

Riverworld and I have agreed that the SHRF is an easy way for hosts to judge the worthiness of a website to be hosted somewhere.

If you'll also notice I provided an updated simple to read list of hosts from around the internet that can be used for those that don't want to/won't/can't request in the SHRF. Its not a rule, and shouldn't be.

Note 1) Is it so much to ask to have someone request in a format that requires them to put alittle effort forward instead of money? If you don't want to request in the SHRF.. don't, its that easy. Freedom of choice is a big thing with me.

Note 2) We put alot of thought and consideration into the guidelines we point people to. Instead of saying its childish and we're forcing it on them. Give some constructive suggestions about how it could be made better.

I hope this clears up alittle about it. :)
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The following is an unoffical guide to how to request free hosting here on FreeWebspace.net

It is not required to request, however it is a very good idea.
Please take this under advisement and have a nice day.

I hope that addresses all concerns about this guide. If either of you have any suggestions about it. Please PM me with them and I'll take them under careful consideration. I want this guide to be the best it can be. :cool:
wow. you explained everything so crystal clear. it was so simple that i didnt even bother to read everything.

maybe this thread will get stickied and hopefully the newbies will read this, and there should be less dumb requests now.

Good job on the guide LifelessHost :classic2:
Was that intended as sarcasm?

If not, thank you. I do believe in it sincerely. :)

If so, any suggestions on how to improve it? :confused:
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