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  1. neftha

    Looking for webdesign partners

    Hello All, I am looking for other people who like to partner up with me in creating a new template website shop where you can sell your own designs. I haven't worked out the idea for 100 % yet but you could think of something like the shop from coolhomepages.com. I am looking for 2...
  2. neftha

    Selling a website?

    Hello All, didn't know where to put this message so, admins, feel free to place it somewhere else. I would like to sell a website of mine with app. 1000 unique visitors a day (it is an entertainment website featuring a certain female music celebrity). Anyone know how to do that and how to...
  3. neftha

    How to value your website?

    Hi all, not really an offer (yet) ... just a question. I have plans to sell one of my websites. It's a music website (featuring the one and only Britney Spears :) ) with app. 1000 unique visitors a day. The website includes a catchy domain name (both .net / .org), full content, great...
  4. neftha

    Ionhosting down?

    Does anyone knows what is happening with ionhosting.com? Getting DNS errors whole day long now.
  5. neftha


    Hello All, Just a small question. Has anyone ever heard of JaguarPC.com? Are they any good? Does anyone have any experience with them? They offer very attractive plans and it looks quite professional. Also know they bought aletiahosting a while ago but I would like to hear your experiences...
  6. neftha

    Let me know

    Hello All, my current host has suspended my account because they consider my postcard service as spam. I tried to convince them otherwise, they even unsuspended it for a couple of hours, then suspended it again. They want me to stop the spam first but hey ... how can I do that if I don't have...
  7. neftha

    Free hosting, earning revenue

    Hi All, In cooperation, my website is able to offer some great free webhosting: - 100mb webspace - 15gb data transfer limit - revenue from your site - PHP - Perl (limited) - MySQL on request for accounts over 100 unique visitors a day As you understand, no one can do it for free...
  8. neftha


    Has anyone ever heard of Ionhosting.com? They seem awfully cheap. Is there anyone who can find out if they are a reseller or not? Packages sound very attractive (features, amount of data transfer) and the server load seems very fast.
  9. neftha


    Just curious ... does anyone have experience with paypopup.com? Do they pay? I'm actually quite satisfied about them: - they pay for every visitor (even if they are not from the USA: too much European traffic or other traffic can decrease your pay out rate though) - they pay not as much as...
  10. neftha

    Finally ... a pop-up manager

    For those who are interested, someone helped me to get a decent pop-up manager. He even build a website around it. If you are in need of a pop-up manager, surf to www.adoutput.com. It's javascript based (you specify the specifications and javascripts from your pop-up programs) and the website...
  11. neftha

    Compassionateweb.net ... anyone ever heard of them?

    Hello All, Was browsing through hosting land and found www.compassionateweb.net . Anyone ever heard of them. Did try a search but I couldn't find anything. They have pretty amazing deals. Normally I don't trust these kind of deals but I read some pretty good reviews on hostingassured.com ...
  12. neftha

    How to be accepted by Fastclick

    Does anyone know what kind of rules Fastclick use to accept you for their program or not? I have tried it twice now ... didn't succeed. I really would like to be accepted by a more professional kind of program with more possibilities. Right now I am using PopUpTraffic.com but today I noticed...
  13. neftha


    Hi All, just a question, has anyone ever heard of Compassionateweb.net? Their prices seem afwully attractive (100gb transfer for only app. $11 a month)? Is it just to good to be true or does anyone have good experiences with this host? Neftha
  14. neftha

    Looking for php Pop up manager

    Hello there, I am looking for a free popup manager written in PHP scripting. I have three ad accounts, one with Popup traffic, one with Adpowerzone and one with Peel. What I want the script to do is: - first page viewed by visitor: use Popup traffic popup - second page viewed by visitor...
  15. neftha

    Need hosting for free, anyone?

    Hello All, I have a major problem with my current host (up and down, unstabile cgi, problems with FTP account) and am looking for a new webhost. Is there anyone out there who could offer me: - at least 250 mb - php/ssi/cgi - sql would be nice allthough absolutely not necessary - at...
  16. neftha

    Question about SI

    Just have a little questions (just curious), why doesn't accept SI publishers from several countries. I for example come from The Netherlands and if I wanted (and I thought about that) I can't even join the programs from SI as The Netherlands are exluded from participation. Seems a little unfair...
  17. neftha


    Hi all, has anyone ever heard of Rackhost.net ? They seem to offer a lot for only $9.95 a month: - 400 Megabytes Of Storage - 15 Gb Of Traffic - Unlimited POP Mail Accounts - Unlimited Forwarders - Pre-Installed Scripts - Control Panel - $9.95/mo and no set up fees! Neftha.
  18. neftha


    Is anyone familiar with fasthost.co.uk? Are they good?
  19. neftha

    Readyhosting.com: 500mb/99$ a year

    Okay, I found a webhost at http://www.readyhosting.com/hosting/hosting.html I know I shouldn't trust anything 'unlimited' but at least they just call it 'unmetered'. Check it out: 500MB Web Space Free New Domain Registration (if you transfer your domain, no setup costs)...
  20. neftha

    Hosting.us.com, very cheap but ... ?

    200mb/Unmetered Traffic/55$ a year - I need advice Hello All, I found a webhost that sounds interesting but it's all new for me, does it sound good? Hosting.us.com (UK based): ALLINONE HOSTING PLAN -------------------------------- - your own domain name (that's not for free) -...