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  1. GordonH

    Offering Free Hosting

    After five years out of the free hosting market I am thinking about going back into it. My calculations are that with a minimal number of domain sales and upgrades to paid hosting a free service could pay for itself while adding useful economies of scale in some areas. The problem is that...
  2. GordonH

    Try our web hosting for a year for $10

    Hostroute.com already hosts 28,419 web sites. We would like yours to be number 28,420! To encourage you we will host your site for a year for $10. Here are the details of the special offer hosting plan: 100MB of web space 6GB per month data transfer 15 e-mail accounts Mysql...
  3. GordonH

    Host 5 web sites for $9 per month. Each site gets 500MB and 20GB data transfer.

    Here is what you need to know: Pay $9 per month to host 5 web sites. Each of the sites has 500MB of web space. Each of the sites has 20GB data transfer per month. Personal nameservers if required - free of charge. Plans available for 5 sites ($9), 20 sites ($19), 50 sites ($39) and...
  4. GordonH

    In business for over four years....

    ... and still providing good quality cheap hosting. Our service is sustainable. We have been providing hosting like this for over four years and we are still growing. Our customers don't have to change host every couple of months. Click Here To visit our Web Site What you get...
  5. GordonH

    Try us free for 3 months

    We are so confident you will be happy with our service we will let you try it free for three months. Here is What You Get: 500MB Disk Space 30GB Per month data transfer per month 100 POP3 E-mail accounts CGI-BIN Mysql Database PHP Control Panel (Cpanel) FTP SSL Secure Server...
  6. GordonH

    Host 5 web sites for $9 per month. Each site up to 500MB.

    Established company. 22,000 satisified customers. Low customer turnover. Join us now and find out why. http://www.hostroute.com/multiple-domain-hosting.html
  7. GordonH

    Host 5 web sites for $9 per month. Each site up to 500MB and 10GB b/w.

    Host 5 web sites for $9 per month or $90 per year. Each site can be up to 500MB in size 10GB data transfer per site. Each domain gets its own control panel (cpanel). This uses webhost manager not add on domains. See this page for details...
  8. GordonH

    500MB, 30GB, $38 Per Year

    Stop Switching Web Host | 500MB, 30GB for $38 per year Stop jumping from one host to another. We are an established company currently hosting over 15,000 web sites for users in over 50 countries. Our hosting is reliable and un-controversial which is why you won't have heard of us. We...
  9. GordonH

    Host 5 web sites for $9 per month

    Hostroute.com is pleased to announce multi domain hosting plans. Host 5 web sites for $9 per month Each site has its own control panel. Each site can be up to 500MB in size. 10GB data transfer per site. Cpanel servers. For full specification please see this page...
  10. GordonH

    500MB Hosting $38 per year

    Hello We have been hosting web sites for three years at Myqth.com As a special offer for visitors to Freewebspace.net we are offering our 500MB plan for only $38 for one years hosting. Go here to see the features: http://www.myqth.com/features.html And here to sign up...
  11. GordonH

    500MB $32 per year

    Hello To use up some spare capacity we are offering our 500MB Myqth.com annual hosting plan at $32 instead of $48. We have been hosting web sites for three years and there are no stability problems. We might not be sexy or controversial, but we host web sites reliably. Here is the...
  12. GordonH

    Cpanel servers from $99 (no setup charge)

    Hello We are now selling Cpanel servers from $99 per month. No set up charge and no minimum contract. http://www.hostroute.com/dedicated Please see the above page for all the details. Gordon
  13. GordonH

    2 Months Free at Myqth.com

    Hello It is now one year since we introduced our current 500MB/30GB per month web hosting plan. To celebrate we are offering 2 months free hosting to visitors from Freewebspace.net (14 months for the price of 12). http://www.myqth.com/signup_fws.shtml We have also added the following...
  14. GordonH

    Domain Transfers $10 (OpenSRS)

    Hello For one month only (January), transfer your domain name to Nameroute.com for $10 (normal price $15). Includes: Change of registrar to Opensrs (with access to the OpenSRS manage interface) 1 year added to the expiry date. 10MB free web space, POP3 and web based e-mail...
  15. GordonH

    99c Web Hosting

    Well, it had to happen eventually: Web hosting from 99c per month (payable monthly) http://www.1minutewebhost.com/ Runs on the same high quality servers as our main web hosting brand. You won't get massive bandwidth or disk space for this price, but it works, is reliable and won't...
  16. GordonH

    500MB Web Hosting for 14 months $48

    Hello As a special promotion for Freewebspace.net visitors we are offering 14 months of web hosting for the price of 12. Thats just $48 for 500MB of web space with nothing more to pay for 14 months. Please see this page for details: http://www.myqth.com/signup_fws.shtml Gordon...
  17. GordonH

    Domain Names With Free Hosting

    Hello We now have the following additional domain name extensions available. All with 10MB free web space, POP3 and web based e-mail: .us $26 2 years .cc $70 2 years .nu $70 2 years .ws $70 2 years Plus the original: .com/.net/.org at $15 for one year or $26 for 2 years. We...
  18. GordonH

    Uk Web Hosting At Us Prices

    Servers at Redbus Interhouse London This months special: 300MB Linux Plan with 8GB per month £8.95 per month or £96 per year http://www.hostroute.co.uk/discountplans.html Other Windows 2000 and Linux hosting plans available http://www.hostroute.co.uk/
  19. GordonH

    Paypal Domains

    We now have the option to register domain names using Paypal. To recap, we offer: .com Domain name (OpenSRS) 10Mb web space POP3 e-mail Stats $15 (1 year) $26 (2 years) We also have: .co.uk $15 (2 years) .info/.biz $26 (2 years) Plus: .vg $59 (1 year) .gs...
  20. GordonH

    Free subd omains with DNS delegation

    Hello I may be reading this wrong, but it looks like a free subdomain you can delegate to your own name servers: http://www.sco.net/faq.html Gordon