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  1. Albert

    Which _2_ nameservers with mydomain.com?

    At the moment ns1.mydomain.com and ns2.mydomain.com are down. I configured these 2 only, because I can configure 2 dns-servers only. For a quick solution I changed to ns1 and ns3. Is this a good idea? Which dns-servers with mydomain.com should I use, if I only can configure 2 nameservers?
  2. Albert

    What do I need: VPS or reseller plan?

    I am unsure what would be best for me, VPS or a reseller plan. Especially I see so much differences with VPS-offers. Do I have to install all packages by myself with a vps or do I get a configured standard-setup, so I only have to add apps, if I need them? Do I have to update the system by...
  3. Albert

    Very small reseller plan

    We are a few (3-4) people, who are not very satisfied with our hosters. Our aim is to configure everything (as much as security allows) ourselves. So we think a reseller plan, would fit more our needs, because of the administration tools. A space with 2-3GB would be enough. We have no...
  4. Albert

    Do you have problems with pixelhostings too?

    Since months I have problems with http://pixelhosting.net/ and unfortunately they don't answer all my support-tickets in the last time. I was a long time patient before I posted here to get a feedback, because for years I was a very satisfied customer of them. It is always the same: "Sorry...
  5. Albert

    Hoster for 2nd Mailserver

    I want to have a 2nd mailserver, if the 1st fails. If the 1st hoster is down for a longer time, I also want to change the A-record for the website. For DNS-Hosting mydomain.com is used. The space should be 30-50MB to have enough mailspace, if I am on holidays and something goes wrong...
  6. Albert

    Experiences with pixelhosting.be

    After discussing the thread http://freewebspace.net/forums/showthread.php?threadid=52627 I got a lot of offers and decided to try http://www.pixelhosting.be/ first, after I sent them a private message for an offer for a custom package. That's excellent if a company doesn't say, sorry, we only...
  7. Albert

    script to check uptime

    I am searching for simple script to check uptime. Preferred languages are bash, perl and python
  8. Albert

    List of available 3-4 character domain names

    Can anyone give me a hint how I can find out which short com/net/org-domain names are available?
  9. Albert

    Relaying problem with worldzonepro

    I am sorry to ask for help here, but I tried 2 times to register with the worldzone-forum and got no verification message. When I try to send a mail via mail.*.com I get the message: sorry, that domain isn't allowed to be relayed thru this MTA (#5.7.1) Of course, I used a username and...
  10. Albert

    Webform with php

    I have a free page with http://www.club-server.de/main.php?id=detail (package free server), which allows php only and I would like to have something like formmail, which needs perl. Are there php-only solutions? I only want that a small message is forwarded to an email-address, which cannot be...
  11. Albert

    Experiences with ISP NetworkSolutions?

    Does anyone have experiences with ISP NetworkSolutions? Their package "Business 1" (1 Euro / month) looks very interesting. For details see http://www.isp-ns.de/?content=hosting (the site is in german, but the table should be understood by non-german speaking people too)
  12. Albert

    Small Webspace with lots of features

    I am searching for a small webspace with about 5MB and _lots of features_ to "play" a little bit and to learn how things work. I have no idea how much traffic I need, but I think 500-1000MB including email should be enough. I have 5 websites with each 0.5-1MB at the moment and this sites...
  13. Albert

    Free shell account with telnet and text-browser

    Is there a free Unix/Linux, BSD, a.s.o shell account with "outgoing options" like telnet, a text browser, ssh, a.s.o which can be used to check the own firewall? A one-time setup fee with a credit card would be ok, but the whole registration process should work online. m-net.arbornet.org...
  14. Albert

    Zoneedit - how long free?

    I have been to my account at zoneedit and it seems that there are 5x200MB free and then you have to pay, while it doesn't matter if it is used in 1 year or in 2 or more years. It seems that you have to pay for 2 domains in the 3rd year. Am I right? 1st year: 2x200MB 1nd year: 2x200MB 3rd...
  15. Albert

    tk-domains with external DNS reliable?

    We all know, that there are a lot of problems with the free services of dot.tk. How are your experiences with paid tk-domains and own dns-servers? Is the tk-dns reliable?
  16. Albert

    www.dabot.com sucks - need reliable ws-registrar

    I registered with dabot a ws-domain about a year ago. They sent me an email about a year after to renew and I answered them by mail, that I want to renew it for more than a year, without getting a reply. One day after the domain was expired (I was ill) I paid via credit card the prolongation for...
  17. Albert

    German guestbook or board

    I am looking for an external german guestbook or discussion board, maybe something like http://wwwtoolz.com/home/ offers. It can be simple, but it should be adfree.
  18. Albert

    [merged] mydomain.com down?

    mydomain.com down? Since hours I cannot receive email via mydomain.com Is this a general problem?
  19. Albert

    List of enom and other ws-registrars

    I am looking for a list of enom resellers and other cheap ws-registrars. http://www.dabot.com/ now wants to have $15.95, while I registered with them below $10 about a year ago.
  20. Albert

    Adfree Webspace for Under Construction Page

    I am looking for adfree webspace to use it for an under construction page for a while.