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    more help with perl

    if i make a file say called data.txt or something stupid and in this file it has lines like this john doe|18|14|jeff|green where john doe is the name then the age and then lets say fav number and then fav color how do i have it read this file and print on the page name: john doe...
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    so if i ....

    make my own songs and wanna put mp3s of them on a site what hosts will let me do this?
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    help with perl

    im writing a simple script and i need to know how u make it so when u put like http://mydomain/cgi/script.cgi?something that it would go to the subroutine in the script that corrosponds with that u type in after the ? any and all help is apreciated
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    free domain host with dns wildcards

    please direct me to one must have cgi any space any ads except top banner
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    adding sub routines to perl

    if i want to add a sub routine how do i do that
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    my site

    nobody wants to review my site :( aight i got this site i am workin on so ya'll can "review it" it aint even open yet but i wanna know what people think of the design and speed and also i dont care wtf you think about what the site is about kus im sure someone is gonna try to dick with me...
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    13 year old fwh runners...

    i agree with technics,ron and anyoen else who disses you and says you suck you shouldnot be doin what your doin people spend alot fo time making there websites and when you draw them into your hosting and they spend there valuble time working on there site jus to have there site die because...
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    i need help with...

    adding a sendmail into a script i picked up i have a send mail script that i wrote from a tutural but i dunno how to add it into this script if u can help me reply
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    perl help

    i need help from someone who knows perl if u can help e mail me at lawtownjunky@aol.com or im me if u can thanx
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    what is php

    i know a lil bit about cgi and what it is and what perl is and i was wonderin what php is exactly
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    they say it takes 2 to 3 days to get uy account activated does it actually take them longer or what?
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    answer this for me please

    name a host with ftp and ssi thats fast. i dont care about banners and what not i jus want ftp and ssi and it to be fast