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    Need a webhost with at least 2GB or more space & fast mysql restoration

    Right now I'm looking to transfer my vbulletin site (yes it is registered and licensed) from my hostgator plan which expires in feb 2013. I would go with x10hosting but right now, it is only allowing mysqldumper to run 2 times per minute and restoring 500-800 entries per go. I have not the...
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    .htaccess question

    I need to know what line of code to add to my .htaccess file to do this... I have http://codeshq.site88.net and I have http://vgchat.info on the same account. Anytime someone tries to access any url from the codeshq.site88.net url I want it to redirect to the appropiate page on...
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    Need adfree/postfree cpanel hosting

    Hey all, I just got myself a domain http://my-nintendo-wii.com and now I need a hosting account so that I can start creating some content for it. I would like at least 100MB of space, adfree hosting (with the exception of a adsense ad that I place) and postfree (no post to host)
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    what language is this?

    theres like 6 threads in my board and they all have the same non english language to it. Look here http://gamers.tetrahost.net/agora/viewtopic.php?t=603
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    500-2000 megs of space for free, no post to host here!

    signup here Hi, I'm being hosted at tetrahost and I'm spreading the news about their great free hosting packages, which do not require post to host Here are the plans that they offer: Bronze 500 MB DISK SPACE 10 GB BANDWIDTH 5 FTP 5 PARKED OR ADD-ON 5 EMAIL ACCOUNTS 5 MYSQL CPANEL...
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    Unofficial Gamers Network

    Come & rate our layout!! http://gamers.puck3d.net http://gamers.puck3d.net/agora But keep in mind that after I get all da cheats up, I'll update da skin. So far only da gameboy area is complete. Anyways, how do you like it? And please also rate da 4 forum skins too!
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    Free IPB forum hosting [split]

    ok, if anyone needs this forum hosting I can now provide them with free forum hosting. Under these conditions: 1: you bring your own zip file of your forum software 2: You agree to allow me to check if your license is valid or not 3: You will get ftp access to http://you.gamers.puck3d.net
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    Free hosting needed

    Feel free to PM me with an offer or email me at vgchat@gmail.com with an offer. Want to know what my site is about before you make an offer? Look at it. Hi, I need to get free hosting and here's what I'll take: No post to host offers (0 forum posts required to obtain hosting) I will be...
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    Need 200-500 mb's of space

    Hi, I need to get free webhosting that will give me over 200 mb's of space & atleast 2 or more gigs of bandwith. I need: 5+ mysql databases 1 or more nameservers (for my free domain (gamers.puck3d.net) 200 or more MB's of space (as said above) No post requirements to obtain/keep the hosting...
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    cpanel wont open a shtml file

    I get this every once in a while. I don't know why it does it, but every so often when I make a new shtml file it gives me this. Does anyone know a workaround to this? When I edit it in the (online) html editor it makes a copy of the file and voila: I got 2 files with the exact same name...
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    15,000 MB Disk Space, 300,000 MB Traffic, 1 Domain Hosted: $83 a year!

    Since we are opening up we have several plans that will blow other hosts offers right out of the window. Heres the plans that you can choose 25 gigs of space for $12 a month or 15 gigs for $6.95 a month. You can check the plans yourself here and you can see a demo of what you get right here...
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    Come rate my site, I just started work on it today. http://gamers.puck3d.net Expect the "worlds of: final fantasy, mario, zelda, pokemon & metroid" to be finished in around 6 month's or less. Anyways, rate my design. I'm trying to go for a layout that uses little to no images for the main...
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    Lithium, vbulletin or invision?

    Im looking for a good board software to use, and its come down these three. I've noticed that sony, dell, nintendo and others use lithium boards. Which should I get?
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    Free Hosting Needed

    Hi, I'm looking for a free host. I will need atleast the following: 1 Gig of space 10 Gigs bandwith cpanel 10 10 mysqls or better no ads no "post to host" deals. Options to upgrade account if needed. MUST have atleast 1 nameserver.
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    Need a domain (I pay by money orders, no checks)

    I need to find someone who can hook me up with a .com domain name. I will only pay money order. I do not and will not put up checking, banking or credit card information online. Please pm me if you accept payments by money order.
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    Growing cheat site needs hosting

    I need free hosting for my cheat site. It's about 23 mb's so far. And that's without any cheats uploaded so far! I'm guessing that I'll need around 600 megabites disk space. Also, I would like if I can get: instant activation Cpanel 10 5+gigs of bandwith per month No forum...
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    Need free host with 3 gigs space, cpanel and 15 gigs bw asap

    I need a good free host that offers cpanel. At least 5 mysql db's. 1-3 gigs of space. And anywhere between 10-25 gigs of bandwith. I will probably require more space as the site grows. What will be on it? User submitted Game Genie/PAR/Gameshark/etc... codes User submitted Gaming...
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    Need free invision forum hosting

    Hi, i have a invision power board that im using <2.0.0 PF3>. The current size of the database is around 10 mbs so far. If someone can install this database to a invision forum on their host i would appreciate it alot. I need about 5-7 gigs of bandwith per month. thanks
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    need help installing ibproarcade.

    I've uploaded all of the stuff. But I can't find some parts that are required to be edited in some files. Let me know if you'll help & I'll send you all the files you need. Oh and don't tell me to "search for lines" because I don't have an editor to do that.
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    2 gmail invites left

    just pm me and I'll send you one. First 2 to pm gets em.