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    Link baiting

    Link baiting, or link bait is one of the marketing strategies used to boost a website's visibility in search engines, such as Google. It's like this, if a website page/blog that is well- written, funny or unique in some way, people will want to link to it simply because they like it and think...
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    how to optimize website for Google penguin?

    It is best to create relevant content that will actually help real human readers first and foremost, while at the same time being smart about the amount of keywords you include in your content creation. SEO services are no longer going to be able to shoot up the rankings by tapping into Third...
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    Natural link building

    There is no concrete meaning of what is a natural linking means, in my opinion natural link can be define the one that adds value to your website. Meaning the source of a link is from a recognized website and having good, relevant content. Google recognizes that natural link as a valid...
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    What is Page Rank?

    Google page rank checker is a link analysis algorithm developed by Google, Inc. It is used to measure the amount of links a page and its importance. The higher the page rank a URL has, the higher it’s authority is with Google.
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    Link building

    When it comes to link building, there are only so many channels to consider. Within these said channels are numerous types of websites, web properties, and web services that can be used for building a diversified and high PR backlink profile for your website such as the following: 1. Article...
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    Free or low cost CDN

    I am using Dropbox and very convenient in my part, no probs whatsoever.
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    Faceblog - a Wordpress/Facebook hybrid

    Cool! I really would love to try this platform for my new blog. Can we embed vids and etc?
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    Free Image Hosting

    This is awesome! Thanks for this I will create an account to be able to utilize this.
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    SEO tricks

    Hi maya, this is what I do and mind you it is really effective, although I let Facebook do the ads for my products, not really that cheap but worth it. I am sure that it will work also to others who want to increase website's page rank.
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    which information is true? need help...

    Actually I haven't heard of it till now. Lets see if it works, I will try to download it.
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    do you have an account in Linked in ??

    Well I do have an account in Link In and still active and using it everyday. It's a good social networking sites, but more on stories on business and careers or if you are looking for one Link In is the best site for you.
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    LAP TOP features?

    Well right now I am using samsung I3, fast and much better with the quad or dual core thing.
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    I am curious on how many percent does keyword should be present in one content? Or if given in a numerical value, how many keywords should be injected into it?
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    This is my first forum

    Hi there, welcome to the forum, it's nice to hear from you! I just got here and likewise with you it is my first time here to here in this forum.