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    How come there is a big netfirms ad in free webspace?
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    Lightning Redirector

    I installed Lightning Redirector What the hell do I have to do with the DNS sever to make it work?
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    clawz.com Account

    Could anyone PLEASE give me a clawz.com account? If so PM me
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    Is there any hope for MegaByteStored?
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    What happened to BoardNation?
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    Does Keith on this forum own wzr.net? The details of the registrant of wzr.net and weezerfans.com are the same!
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    chnage size of image

    Could anyone chnage the size of http://www.yoursighost.com/members/roly/sig1.gif to 60x65?
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    I noticed gt14 has Knowledge: Lots next to his posts, how did he do that?
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    Look At This! Demented.org!

    http://forums.demented.org/showthread.php?s=&threadid=231 Those demented.org admins are soo crazy/stupid!!!!!
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    Kit to install Apache and stuff on Windows

    I am going to make a kit to install Apache and stuff on Windows. Please tell me what it should install. Curretly i'm planning Apache Perl OpenSSL mod_ssl PHP MySQL
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    I just noticed an ad in the paid hosting forum that was image then text next to image like they have at WHT, is Peo testing different kinds of ads?
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    JSP Hello World

    I have Apache on my computer and I just installled ApacheJServ for Java Serverlets. Can anyone give me an JSP hello world to test that it works?
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    plz I need a host

    Don't care about space Don't care about bandwidth CGI/Perl Does anyone know of a host? Also please don't suggest, netfirms, Portland or one of thier co-brands or free prohosting
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    phpBB2 Final Edition

    The phpBB Group have anounced at http://www.phpbb.com/ that phpBB 2 Final Edition will be released today.
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    lol, united.net.kg

    lol, when you go to united.net.kg (a portland co-brand) it redirects to http://www.portland.co.uk/site_lock.html so they went of the 100mb of bandwidth from portland. THATS WHAT THEY GET FROM USING PORTLAND
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    Atomz Search

    I heared of a free remote hosted search engine called Atomz Search, whats the url?
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    Original version of YaBB

    http://roly.l33t.ca/cgi-bin/YaBB.pl very crappy!
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    NLC/1000 Posts

    Now I have 1000 posts and my status is NLC
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    Are there any other free mySQL providers (provide db, not web space) other than freesql.org and portlandsql? if not could any1 give me a db somehwere?