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    McAfee Security Center

    I'd just drop the antivirus and setup some good firewall rules. Unless you're installing new software on the machine regularly or browsing the internet via the Windows server's built in Internet Explorer, it's essentially not necessary. Although I'm not a Windows administrator, so I can't say...
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    TudonaWEBs - Review my Site

    I wanted to see the website, but it's failing to load the page. Thought I should mention. I'll subscribe to the thread and check it later, but right now it's impossible.
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    Website and RAID

    Hi Anna, okay so let me first state that I will not go over RAID 2 or RAID 3. I'm going to keep this as simple as possible because you obviously want to know about RAID and don't have much experience with it. Raid 0: There is no data redundancy, but it's much faster than running just one drive...
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    Launched New Website

    Ahh! I love how you put Drupal in front of all those other content management systems (or found a good icon). #instant-fan Good work, it's very user friendly and not cluttered. Straight to the point, how it should be.
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    Please review my SEO website: www.seo-service-provider.org

    Visually, the website looks good. I'm not interested too much in the back end, and quite frankly, neither is Google nowadays (or not as much as before). I do have a few interface suggestions though. 1. Hide that chat. If it's not in use, it should be invisible. This is part of the user...
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    NEW Dedicated Server Clearance 2x 2650v2 96GB RAM 4TB $249 1230v1 32GB 2TB $99

    Good deals. What's the SLA, is management included or are these unmanaged? What datacenter are you using?
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    Please review my site!

    That's very nice actually. Did you design it yourself? I didn't bother to dig through the page source, but if you did this from the ground up, kudos to you. That's very clean cut. Most of your SEO will be based on the content of the site and the user experience. Google is changing, and return...
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    Any good and professional VPS host?

    Just fair to mention, a lot of people are saying that good support is important. I agree, this should always be important. The amount you pay may not necessarily determine the quality of hosting since hosting is a cheap commodity these days, you're paying for the support with the costs of...
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    tech staff

    It's a tough field to hire for. First I go by experience in the amount of technologies, then I go by the aptitude the potential employee has in each area. From there, I determine whether or not the tool set and experience this potential employee comes with will be viable for the hosting...
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    Oh No!!! OH NO!

    Congratulations on your lucky post count. I've just signed up today, so hopefully I'll catch up within the next month. (Hopefully there're sufficient threads to keep me busy...) 666 here I come, 1337 after that.
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    Missing php package?

    What repo are you using?
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    how to select your hosting plan

    You'll need to know the following. 1. How large is your website currently? If you don't hove a website, come back to this when it's done, or guess how much space you'll need. 2. How much traffic are you currently receiving? If you don't have a website, do you have marketing plans in the works...