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    Promoting a free host

    damn danial is a moron hes even more uncomprehendable than i am hehehehe he said a whoel bunch of shit that made no sense at all
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    more help with perl

    thanx looks very easy
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    more help with perl

    if i make a file say called data.txt or something stupid and in this file it has lines like this john doe|18|14|jeff|green where john doe is the name then the age and then lets say fav number and then fav color how do i have it read this file and print on the page name: john doe...
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    News Posting scripts??

    i've used newspro on several occasions and found it to be great. i reccomend it also
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    php or perl?

    says this is a complete manuel of php http://www.php.net/manual/
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    I cant find what i need...

    http://www.solutionscripts.com i think they have a bandwidth protector but if in doubt http://cgi.resourceindex.com you will definitly find them there.
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    so if i ....

    i'd use spaceports but i liek ssi kus i liek to put liek a full page design and i can jus use ssi to put a special header with a menu across it kind aliek freewbespace and i can jus edit one file to change it and its simpel for me kus i hate frames they are lame
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    so if i ....

    coo i jus wish they had ssi on there planet servers and not jus the cgi server
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    Netcabins.com slowed down?

    my net cabins site was slow as all hell yesterday.
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    NEW: free web host

    i have mp3s that range from 1 to 3 megs and are my own original creation and if i make a site and put these on there i would want the visitors to be able to jus click the link and it starts to download not click to xdrive have to sign up click this click that click this click that and then get...
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    help with perl

    ok i got it to work with this : #!/usr/bin/perl $go = $ENV{QUERY_STRING}; print "Content-type: text/html\n\n"; if ($go eq "contact") { &contact (); } elsif ($go eq "downloads") { &downloads (); } else { &main (); } sub main { print qq~<html> <body> this is...
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    help with perl

    im jus messin around tryin to learn some stuff. and the otha day i wondered how you did that so i decided to find out. thanx for u guys help
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    help with perl

    i keep gettin 500 errors why?
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    NEW: free web host

    if u are allowed legal mp3s i would be intrested in signin up where is this dude so he can answer
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    help with perl

    if u do it with $query=$ENV{'QUERY_STRING'}; if ($query eq "main") { &main; } if ($query eq "contact") { &contact; } how would u make it so if u called sumthing that wasn't there u could redirect it to anotha sub routine like an error subroutine dont mind me im a moron...
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    so if i ....

    make my own songs and wanna put mp3s of them on a site what hosts will let me do this?
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    help with perl

    im writing a simple script and i need to know how u make it so when u put like http://mydomain/cgi/script.cgi?something that it would go to the subroutine in the script that corrosponds with that u type in after the ? any and all help is apreciated
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    This is unbeatable...

    ill rephrase for ntc1 if he dont mind atleast a t1 connection
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    be constructive and offer opinions not bashing is what i mean