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    Becoming reseller

    Given following criteria which registrar would be most suitable: -front store is hosted by registrar -professional store templates provided -client support is done by registrar Thanks all, Al.
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    Free news provider?

    Are there still any free news providers that let you put up to date, targeted information on your site, similar to moreover... but free? :) Thanks all...
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    OpensSRS resellers

    Does anyone have a (comprehensive) list of opensrs resellers? Also, anyone knows which is the cheapest? Thanks, Alain.
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    How to check for trademarks when registering domain names?

    Suppose i wanted to register sex.com... (yeah right:)) Would i have to check for "sex.com" trademarks or just "sex" word/company trademarks? Further, which trademarks to apply: federal, european, canadian...? Does it depend on the county i live in, or the top level domain (com, ru, it...
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    Problem with MyDomain

    A couple of days ago i decided to try out mydomain.com service and pointed the domain "modelpicture.com" to their name servers. I then redirected the domain to "http://www.modelpicture.f2s.com/" but it still doesnt work. Anyone having similar problems or an idea?
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    Free news providers?

    Im looking for a free news provider which will enable me to put a couple of headlines on my site. The news domain im looking for is movies, music, celebrities... Those that i already found are: MoreOver, iSyndicate, iboost... Anyone knows more alternatives?
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    Redirection site, how much bandwidth?

    Anyone knows how much monthly bandwidth a decent redirection site would need?
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    Free service like zoneedit's MailForward?

    Does anyone know a service like zoneedit's MailForward that has not any bandwidth limitation?
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    Need script that executes periodically (PHP)

    I would need a script (written in PHP) that once in a day does a look-up in a MySql database and depending on the results, sends an email to some persons. Thanks alot, Semiel.
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    Looking for cheap host

    Hi, im looking for a cheap host with following features: -static IP -wildcards -MySql -PHP/Perl By cheap i mean less than 7$. I think digitalspace.net offers this, anyone else? I have been looking around alot on different boards, but i think there are not many options... Thanks alot...
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    Looking for 3 char domain name...

    I have been looking a long time for a 3 letter .net or a 3 character .com domain name. I cant offer much though... Feel free to message me with any offers, Semiel.
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    Automatic domain registration

    Is there a way to automatically register domains without any required user interaction? Thanks, Semiel.
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    Mass search engine submission

    Anyone knows any sites where you can submit your page automatically to *alot* of search engines? Thanks...
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    Adult host with static IP?

    Does anyone know of a free adult host where you get a static IP? Nothing else needed... Thanks, Semiel.
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    I wanted to use their DNS service, as they advertise offering CNAME service, registered with them, but then could not find where to enter the CNAME info. They dont offer CNAME although they advertise it?
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    I was gonna register a couple domains with them... Any objections? Thanks alot :)