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  1. soundcheck


    For all of you who have been to my past website (soundcheckmusic)... I've relaunched my brand new site. I'm starting off fresh so please help spread the word around. Also, check out some of the bands on there and give me comments and suggestions on the layout for future reference. Thanks...
  2. soundcheck

    Super Bowl Hosting SPECIALS!

    Introduction First of all we would like to introduce ourselves and we are a music web-zine (which is re-opening soon) that is selling space for very cheap prices. Our philosophy is that we will not sell hosting that we don't use ourselves. Server Specs Location: San Jose, California...
  3. soundcheck

    CHEAP HOSTING: 350 MB / 5 GB Transfer - $20 a year!

    We are offering these specs to 3 people! You will get ALL THESE FEATURES for ONLY $20 a YEAR! General Features Storage Space - 350 MB Monthly Transfer - 5 GB yourdomain.com* 24/7 Email Support 15 Minute Activation 24/7 Server Monitoring Server...
  4. soundcheck

    Sponsor Needed...

    My current webhost that sponsors me just went out of business so I really need some space now. My site is pretty big now so sponsoring me could probably get you some clients. Past hosts that have sponsored me have gotten new customers because I refer them. I know a lot of bands that usually...
  5. soundcheck

    500 MB / 20 GB Bandwidth FREE: PHP Coder Needed

    I am in need of a PHP Coder to make me a custom script. My site is a music site that is dedicated to promoting bands so I hope this script can be able to: post news, post reviews (for cds) and post artist info pages. This script maybe a little difficult to make but someone with alot of php...
  6. soundcheck

    check out my site

    http://soundcheckmusic.com tell me what you think and please refer to others. thanks!
  7. soundcheck

    Free Hosting

    Hey, I'm offering free hosting to anyone with a fan site for a rock-alternative, metal, punk rock or anything in that type of genre. I am offering this hosting because I am starting a network and it will contain many fan sites (including yours). This is what you get.. 60 MB FTP CGI...
  8. soundcheck

    Click here for hot porn!!

  9. soundcheck

    Free Webhosting Contest

    Not needed anymore, I posted on TutorialForums.com instead.
  10. soundcheck

    Please review my banner...

    Please review the banner I just made for my side project (Unjust Fan). http://soundcheckmusic.com/unjustfan.jpg thanks!
  11. soundcheck

    Please help!

    Hey does anyone know where I can register a domain without a credit card and pay by money order? I am sick of how slow and unreliable dot.tk domains are. If anyone can tell me where to register one with a money order or register one for me and I pay them back I would be GREATLY appreciated! My...
  12. soundcheck

    Free Domain or Subdomain with DNS Access?

    Does anyone know of a place other than Uni.cc that can give you a free domain or subdomain but also have DNS Access? Thanks alot for the help!
  13. soundcheck

    Looks good?

    http://soundcheckmusic.uni.cc/preview.php Look good? And please tell me how long it takes to load, the layout isn't 100% done yet. I still need to make a few graphics. Thanks! *Edit: Everything is now fast loading again thanks to invisions, he is one smart man :D*
  14. soundcheck

    Hosting for Design

    Webdesign Contest! *The following is offered by my cousin* The person who can design me the best template will get the following: 65 MB 5 GB Bandwidth FTP CGI PHP MySQL The best designed that my cousin picks will be the winner of the space. For enteries please either email...
  15. soundcheck

    UNI.CC DNS Help

    *problem fixed*
  16. soundcheck

    Webhosting offer for domain

    hello, I am in need of a domain. I will give someone 75 MB Space / 6 GB Bandwidth and alot of the usual features (PHP/MySQL/CGI/ETC) if you can purchase a domain for me. i would purchase one myself but I dont have a credit card. thanks! - danny (hughjazz08@aol.com)
  17. soundcheck

    One Free Account

    Once again I'll be giving away some space leftover on an account my cousin gave me... here are the features; - 30 MB Space - 3 GB Bandwidth - FTP - Perl/PHP - mySQL (optional) - XMB Forum (optional) Ads: - Button I will give away one account like this. Please reply to this...
  18. soundcheck

    Host Reminder

    hello, I remembered a host that allowed gaming sites and it had unlimited space and bandwidth but I forgot the URL (:confused:)! If anyone has a clue with what I am talking about please remind me!! Thanks Alot!! :classic2:
  19. soundcheck

    Good News Post Script

    hey does anyone know a post script just like Coranto but in PHP? Please do not reccomend NewsPHP because I have that already. I want to try something new. And I have a mySQL DB so it doesn't matter if it requires mySQL. Thanks!! :D
  20. soundcheck

    Host with this

    does anyone know a host that uses WebCP as a Control Panel?