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  1. Bruce

    Christmas Lights

    Anyone else have those neighbors who go all out? There's a doctor who just moved in this summer, and it seems he's one of those people. It is a pretty sweet display, so I'll give him props... but it still screams overkill to me. Video (sorry, I don't have a decent quality video camera, so...
  2. Bruce

    LOL Math

    For anyone who hasn't seen this yet, you really should. Apparently most (I'll give them the benefit of the doubt) Verizon Wireless CSRs are perfect examples of human stupidity. Audio: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gp0HyxQv97Q&eurl= Transcript: http://verizonmath.blogspot.com/ Best part: I'm...
  3. Bruce

    I hate network TV...

    ..well, more precisely, I hate local affiliate stations. Why do they think they can break in with news updates during every freaking show I try to watch? Seriously, do they expect us not to care? It's bad enough when they put a 2 inch ticker running across the bottom of the screen during...
  4. Bruce

    How do you offer Shoutcast hosting for so little?

    Just seeing some of the offers here, it's unbelievable. Are you guys getting some amazing deals on bandwidth or what? I'm well aware of overselling, but this is crazy. :lol: 5120 kbit = 5 mbit bandwidth = ~2.2 TB data-transfer Again, for $5. Here's one of the more "expensive" ones: 15360...
  5. Bruce

    The new MacBook.. in Black!

    Finally! 13" WS 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo... in black. :drool: If only I wasn't so broke. Oh, and some pics:
  6. Bruce

    20 inches of widescreen goodness

    So the FedEx guy surprised me today... wasn't expecting this baby until tomorrow. 1,764,000 pixels and not a single dead one. :D Viewsonic VX2025WM. 1680x1050, 8ms, 800:1 contrast ratio. It puts my old 19" CRT to shame, as you can probably tell from the second picture. Best...
  7. Bruce


    Yeah, the food there sucks. I wouldn't suggest eating it... but the game is so addicting. I've been playing for the last hour when I should be writing a paper...
  8. Bruce

    Sell domains in Ads & Offers forum | No requests for free/sponsored domains

    If you start a thread asking someone to sponsor or buy you a domain, it will be removed.
  9. Bruce

    Free Domains @ IPOWER

    http://ipower.com/ They show as $2.95, but change to $0 when added to your cart. Likely a price mistake, though it is confirmed working. Have fun, be quick, and be safe. ;)
  10. Bruce


    Happy Birthday :birthday: Have a good one. :beer:
  11. Bruce

    $1 domains - 1 hour only (Round 3 on 3/22)

    http://www.dotster.com/ 4-5pm EST (on Wednesday, March 22th) New registrations only - .com, .net. or .org 1 per person.
  12. Bruce

    Global Warming sucks

    It's the middle of winter, and it's 56 degrees (13C for you foreigners) and raining. WTF? I live in Maine, not Florida (which happens to be colder at the moment). I want snow dammit. The few inches we have gotten have already melted away.
  13. Bruce

    So I finally joined the 21st century

    My Nokia 5125 has served me well for many years, but I have finally made the switch from TDMA to GSM. (Yes, I know all of you foreigners will laugh at how dated our cell phone technology is :p) I really will miss that old brick, but the Samsung X495 at least gets me good reception as well...
  14. Bruce

    I love my ISP

    The following is nothing more than a rant, so read at your own discretion. IF you wish not to, please click the back button on your browser now. Thank you. I remember another member here who always complained about their DSL service, Needcgispace, wasn't it? Anyway, I never had any major...
  15. Bruce

    I love my ISP

    Delete //double-thread Please deelte. :o
  16. Bruce


    So... I got this PM from "tempnick". Not sure if anyone else did or not, but it confuses me... so I of course make a thread about it. :p
  17. Bruce


    ...Birthday, Nick, the guy who put the 'N' in NLC. :p :jump: :coolmusic :jump:
  18. Bruce

    Opera, Free Registration (today only)

    In case anyone hasn't heard, Opera is giving out free registration codes for their 10th anniversary today. http://my.opera.com/community/party/reg.dml I never used Opera because of the ads, but I figure I'll give it a try now. I still love Firefox, but I figure I can at least check Opera...
  19. Bruce

    You might be a terrorist...

    ...if you drive an Audi. http://www.nytimes.com/2005/06/21/business/21road.html?ex=1277006400&en=dfe59033a867d6cc&ei=5088&partner=rssnyt&emc=rss I seriously wonder what this country is coming too. :rolleyes:
  20. Bruce

    So who else bought GTA:SA?

    'Tis the first game I've bought since HL2. Hopefully this will hold me over at least until Battlefield 2.